10+ Amazing Hedge Funds Website Design Examples & Inspirations

Putting trust in someone you know so little cunting. Though we present ourselves, we can assert how credible and worthy we are of their trust. At the same time, we are attracted to things we aspire we have or can be. This can further support how valuable visuals and the fantastic website design are for high-value and investment businesses. Here, we collated 10+ Amazing Hedge Funds Website Design Examples & Inspirations you can check out.

10+ Amazing Hedge Funds Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. Brevan Howard

Brevan Howard Hedge Funds Website Design Examples

Quite out of the box, Brevan Howard sports a modern minimalist hedge funds web design example that plays around with space and elements. Along with the use of contrasting colours, their main copy stands out and sticks. The arrow pointed downward also encourages scrolling down to learn more about what they offer. Furthermore, they also implemented numbers that are huge in size as if boasting of their excellent track record. In the approach section, they added photos of their team which added a more personal touch to the “Brevan Howard Experience” they claim to deliver.

2. Capstone

Capstone is all about a cool straightforward company you can always rely on. The use of white over the blue image overlay helped to communicate their message to the audience. Moreover, a call-to-action is also added which encourages them for a more immersive video experience. Generally, this gives a more remarkable and first-hand experience to their audiences.

3. Winton

Winton Hedge Funds Website Design Examples

When Winton said they see patterns, they literally mean it when they used photos that are vivid with scenes that showcase patterns in mundane things. Like the ceiling of a structure, they establish their credibility of being detail-oriented and seasoned in the industry without going overboard. Further to the landing page, they also have links to certain articles you can read to learn more about them.

4. BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon stuns us with their modern and professional hedge funds website design. Just as classy as what’s fitting for their affluent clients, they keep it elegantly simple with colour choices that go well with navy blue. Moreover, they aim to also inform and add relevant finance news along with an annual portfolio that you can explore. Confident in their solutions, they showcase what they did the previous year and how much they succeed in achieving what they aimed for.

5. York Capital

York Capital Hedge Funds Website Design

A stunningly immersive website, York Capital boasts of its years of experience and how they’ve changed the city. Establishing their credibility and authority, the gold overlay over the grey cityscape communicates positive change and wealth. Keeping it simple, they just left a call-to-action that the audience can click to navigate more of the website.

6. Citadel

Another with a stunning cityscape at dawn, Citadel is one of the best hedge funds websites you can check for inspiration. In contrast with the light overall background of the website, this catches the audience off guard and prepared them for something more. Moreover, they also have a news section for announcements and showcasing of their success stories. If you don’t want to scroll further, a navigational bar on top is also available.

7. MLP

MLP Hedge Funds Website Design Inspirations

A true gamechanger, MLP has stunning hedge fund website design examples you can see. They played around with graphic shapes that come in various tones of blue. Despite the youthful first impression, the use of serif font and impactfully-written web copy implies they’re not just anyone. They know what they do and they have years of experience to back it up.

8. Marshall Wace

Marshall Wace has an interactive video on their landing page with gives us an overview of how he is in his work environment. This allows us to get to know him personally and also opens our minds to what he can bring to the table. We love this one section with a purple overlay which contrasted the white theme he has. In here, he enumerated what he offers with a call-to-action button encouraging the audience to read more.

9. Sculptor Capital Management

Sculptor Hedge Funds Website Design Insurance

With a photo taken from down the stairs and upward, Sculptor Capital Management leaves an impression of hope to their clients. They have an impressively classy website that appeals to people who have high standards in life. Moreover, they also added statistics on how they proved to be successful in the previous year.

10. UBS

UBS kept it simple but impactful with the use of a white theme which allowed the red accents to pop out more and encourage impulsive actions. Besides this, they are also visual-driven and select images that are light in the eye but also subtly fit their narrative. By the end of the page, a sustainability timeline is also showcased.


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