How To Use Social Media To Enhance Brand Loyalty & Create A Strong Customer Base

Getting new customers is a prime target for every business. It requires them to constantly churn out quality offerings and work to attract the attention of the world. Fortunately, in the current world, getting the crowd talking about something is not a hard nut to crack. With digital marketing, the word spreads like wildfire, and the world showers keen interest. However, retaining the interest of the world is as important as getting it.

Businesses that focus on pulling new clients and almost forget about their existing customers are doomed to fail. But brand loyalty doesn’t come with merely selling products or services; it requires much more.

As luck would have it, today, businesses have multiple tools to retain their customers, such as social media. Given the impact of social media on businesses today, it can be used to enhance brand loyalty.

Here’s how you can foster brand loyalty with the help of social media.

Retarget your audience  

Once you manage to grab the attention of the audience, keep them hooked via retargeting. The name of your brand shouldn’t move like the wind but linger around until they take a step ahead and invest in your offerings.

Use retargeting ads for popping up on the screens of the people who have shown a hint of interest in your brand. You can revive their interest by offering them deals on the offerings they are interested in such as influencer price calculator.

Create a retargeting ad campaign for your custom audience to gain their loyalty. Approach a social media marketing company to help you create a custom retargeting ad campaign.

Make them feel important 

Your customers should know that you mean the world to them. While there are several ways to make them feel important, one of the best ways is to keep them in the loop. Tell them what’s going on with your brand. Tell them the BTS (behind the scene) stories to keep their interest. It will pave the way for a strong customer-brand relationship.

With social media, it has become easier than ever for brands to keep their customers abreast. Use your social media channels to give your followers a peek into the lesser-known side of the brand. Create BTS videos, candid interviews of the people behind the brand, videos of your office, a peek into a regular day at your workplace, walk-through-s of the offerings etc.,

Be very responsive 

It is not uncommon for customers to leave their opinion or question in the comment section beneath a post. Furthermore, with DMs, Facebook Messenger, etc., it has become easier for customers to approach a brand directly. Use it as an opportunity to foster brand loyalty.

Engage with the audience on social media platforms. Reply to their comments and answer their questions. Have a long conversation with them. Tell them that they are important and being heard.

Your responsiveness will show them that you care for them. It is the very foundation to erect brand loyalty.

Utilize user-generated content 

Use social proof to reinforce brand loyalty by sharing some user-generated content on social media channels .

Post the videos, photos, and other content that your audience creates with your products. Encourage your users to share their experiences with you on social media and tag you. Share them on your page.

Team with influencer/s 

Social media influencers enjoy a massive fan following. Fans always trust influencers. If they speak about your brand, there are chances that their followers will ultimately become your loyal customers.

Join forces with social media influencers to put across your brand message and rave about you.


Social media has emerged as a strong tool to aid business growth. From increasing brand awareness to generating traffic on their website, brands are using social media to meet their goals. Enhancing brand loyalty is another objective brands can attain using social media.

Use these tips if you want your customers to keep coming back to you.

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