how-to: hide +1’s tab on your google plus profile

The ‘+1’ feature of Google+ is Google’s unique way of ‘liking‘ and consequently recommending topics or stories to people. Whenever you hit the button on virtually any stories around the web that you think others may find interest also, those stories will be pinned to a unique tab on your Google+ profile; the tab’s name is ‘+1’s.’

Whenever you hit the tab, you’re given the list of all the things that you have recommended, all arranged according to the time you did so. However, if for some this may be useful and it may work more like a bookmarking feature, chances are you may not find it working well for you. Want to turn it off? I’m glad you’re here to learn how to do so.

Simply follow the steps below and that tab will soon be hidden from your profile:

How to Hide Your +1’s Tab:

  1. Click your photo at the top right of the your browser and select “Account”.
  2. Click Google+ settings.
  3. Scroll all down until you see the “Profile” section then uncheck “+1”. See screenshot:

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