how-to: hide your circles in google plus

Unlike the common belief, Google+ actually gives you a lot of cool stuff that you can tweak along to better enjoy the social platform. One of the things that you might want to discover today is on how to hide your Circles.

Using circles is fun that you can customize and organize the people you’re sharing information with, but the thing is that, these circles can be exposed to prying or curious eyes at least in some level. Learning how to hide these circles, then, can be a big help to some of you.

The steps are quick and properly demonstrated as follows. I hope this would be useful for you. Let me know!

  1. Click “About” tab, then click Click “Edit” under the “People” section.
  2. Now uncheck everything to hide your circles. You can check either of them. Uncheck “In your circles” if you want to hide those “you added” or uncheck “Show people who have added you to circles” to hide those who “added you”.

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