How To Hide Where You Work On Facebook

On Facebook, you have the option to share the things you want to your chosen people. You can make your information public for anyone to see, make it only available for friends or family, or make it private, so only you can see it. This applies to all the information and updates that you have and post on Facebook. Of course, you will not make something private like pictures and videos that you must have uploaded to share, but you will hide certain information regarding your personal life that are seen on your profile. If you don’t want people to see where you work on your Facebook profile, you can follow the tutorial below.


  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. LoginFB

  3. On the upper-left side of the home page, you will see your name and profile picture. Click on your ‘name’ to go to your profile.
  4. ClickPicFB

  5. Now on the left side of your Facebook profile, you will see the information that you have posted about yourself. Once you point your cursor to the ‘About’ tab, an option will appear that says ‘Edit/ Remove’. Click on it and choose ‘Update info’.
  6. UpdtInfoFB

  7. Now as the Edit profile page loads, you will see the Work and Education panel on the left side of the page. Click on ‘Edit’, and type in your employer’s name/ company name.
  8. EditWAEFB

  9. Once you have filled-up the necessary information, you will see a ‘globe-like’ icon on the right side. Click on it and choose from:
    1. Public
    2. Friends
    3. Custom
    4. Only me
    5. Or your other lists
  10. ClckGlobeFB

  11. Choose ‘Only me’ if you want to hide where you work.
  12. OnlyMeFB

  13. Click ‘Finished Editing’ and this will hide your work information.
  14. FinishEditFB

Other things you need to know:

  1. By following the same steps (but different panels can be found on the ‘Edit profile’ page), you can edit all your profile information.
  2. You can also make any information available to any group of people and can block it from any list as well.
  3. Updates may change your privacy options; visit your options after each update to make sure your information remains safe.

Facebook is a very good social-sharing site to connect you with your loved ones. But make sure the information and details about yourself that you put on your site can only be seen by those people that you trust.

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