12 high-quality and free wood textures (2014)

List of 12 High-Quality and Free Wood Textures of 2014

Here are some high-quality and free wood textures for you:

1. 6 Fine Wood Textures


This is a set of 6 wood textures that have a little low contrast but sharp details. Each one of the image is 2000 x 1333 px in JPG format.

2. Wood Texture


This is a nice wood texture that has a warm color combination. It is perfect for any vintage or DIY site or blog and is a great resource.

3. Free Stock Textures – Wood Texture


This is a set of planks lined up to create a wood texture. The colors are very raw and natural.

4. Dark Brown Wood Texture


If you want something that is a bit dark, then try this one out. The lighting of the picture or texture gives it a darker and more vintage feel.

5. 45 Wood Textures


This is a huge pack of high quality wood textures that each has a unique pattern, design and color scheme.

6. Wood Texture Honey Maple (Light Grain)


Here is another unique wood texture for free. It has a high contrast feel and its vibrant ambiance makes it stand out.

7. Wood Uncut


Here is a set of 10 seamless wood textures that are uncut. It can be easily used as a pattern or a repeating background and all have different and unique designs and colors.

8. Wood Texture No. 5333


This wood texture can be tiled and seamless and comes in three sizes: 3000 x 3100, 1161 x 1200 and 743 x 768 pixels. It has a reddish brown color.

9. Old Wood Texture


This wood texture is for dark designs and themes because of its dark brown appearance. The details on the wood are quite sharp.

10. Weathered Wood Texture


This has larger wood planks on it, unlike most wood textures. The details are fine and sharp with this weathered wood texture.

11. HD Textures – Wood Pack II


This is a set of 10 high definition wood textures that have 3000 x 2500 px resolution. It can be used freely for DIY sites, architecture or engineering sites and more.

12. Weathered Wood Texture by chefranden


Unlike the previous weathered wood texture, this one has a bit more finer details, sharper edges and a lighter color scheme, and is not divided into planks but a whole board of wood.


Wood textures and texture packs are available almost everywhere on the web. You can use them not just for website backgrounds, blog backgrounds or application backgrounds, but also for print media like flyers, magazines, posters or even advertising purposes. They can also be used for developing 3D objects to provide textures for tables, house walls and other related objects that require wood textures.

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