10 High Quality Restaurant Menu Design Templates

To effectively run a restaurant business, you don’t have to concentrate on your products alone, but you must know how to sell them. No matter how delicious, gorgeous, and wonderful your food products are, they will all be useless if no one will buy them – unless you consume them yourself.

So how exactly can you sell your food products? There are many strategies that you can use to endorse and market your food. One of these is using high quality restaurant menu design templates.

There’s only one chance for you to present your menu to your potential and real customers. This is the main reason that you should present your menu as effective as possible. Your menu should showcase your food in such a way that your customers will be driven to order food and more food from you.

These templates will help you develop a fresh new perspective on how you should design your menu. You can take some idea and gather them together to create your own design.

Here is a quick run down of these restaurant menu designs.

1. Mexican Menu Templates


Stimulate the appetite of your customers as they browse your menu template. This template is specially made with Mexican theme in mind. It has lots of tables and cells where you can put the list of your food. Using Photoshop, this template is deeply layered and rich with colors and elements pertaining to Mexican food.

2. Restaurant café take-out menu


No matter what your food theme is, you can certainly use this design. The template is elegant, chic, and sophisticated. It’s perfect for your needs especially if you want an element of simplicity blended with luxurious look.

3. Delicieux Theme


Your restaurant will surely increase its value to have a menu template such as this. Delicieux theme is definitely a must-have for your restaurant as it provides professional touches on the look of your food. In addition to this, it will not be difficult to customize and configure the theme because of its functional admin panel.

4. White Rock theme


If you have a combination of both restaurant and winery, then White Rock is the go-to theme. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can find many ways to customize and change its appearance. It has limitless color schemes so that you will have the greatest freedom of customization. Moreover, White Rock theme is made with responsive layout which means that your menu can be viewed using different devices from your desktop computer to your smartphone.

5. Steakhouse BBQ restaurant menu template


Your customers will have a hard time resisting your mouth-watering food products as they skim through this gastronomical menu template. The high resolution and creative design of the template will positively impact your restaurant business as you watch people make more orders from you. Aside from the menu template, you can also view designs for your brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, business card, datasheets, posters, note cards, letterheads, and many others.

6. Catering Menu Template


Your eyes will feast on delicious and mouth-watering food portrayed on this menu template. This is created with the help of Photoshop, fully editable, and print ready. The print dimension is 5 x 7.5 in addition to bleed area.

7. Bottega


Simplicity and elegance found its home in this menu template. It is very easy to customize for the users and easy to browse for the customers. This template contains built-in menu manager which will help you customize your page as easy as possible. In addition to this, Bottega is a responsive template which can be viewed through different screen sizes and web browsers. Other features of this template include social media links and widget tools.

8. LeGourmet


LeGourmet is a WordPress theme that will certainly add elegance and professionalism on your restaurant and business. The template comes with different menus such as reservation, menu card, events, galleries, testimonials, slider items, testimonials, and home articles. Its features include shortcode adder, unlimited colors, localized calendar, translation ready, widgets, and many others.

9. Portelet food and wine


The overall theme of this template is more like a ship and pirate show. It is highly creative in design and will ultimately make it a fun experience choosing food from your restaurants. You can create multiple pages as many as you want. You can easily add food menu, prices, pictures, texts, and other essential elements.

10. Mouth-watering menu


Let your template menu do the talking and promoting of your food. No one can really tell how your menu template can lure people into ordering more from you. With the designs and delicious images that you can add to this template, you can be certain that your sales will skyrocket to the roof. Creativeness plus delicious food will equal to more sales.

Remember that the success of your restaurant business will not just rely on your food alone but how you will actually market them. With the right menu template, you will effectively be able to send your message across your customers.

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