12 Highly Reliable Q&a Sites

More and more Internet users are visiting Q&A sites to help them find answers to some of their questions. This trend isn’t a fad. Rather, it’s considered by many as one of the most helpful ways to find information through the Internet. Although, these users can always use the search engine of Google, most of them want specific answers to their questions.

With this type of site, you don’t have to use a search engine. All you have to do is visit a certain site and post your question. There are thousands of people in the world who are eager to answer your questions right there and then.

But why is it so popular? First of all, it’s easy to find answers. It may work like a forum where the answers are, most of time, irrelevant. However, if you opt to visit a Q&A site, it’ll be easier for you do find answers to your asked question.

Unfortunately, not all sites can provide you relevant questions. Here’s a list of sites that you can go to either ask questions or to answer questions posted by other users.

1. Quora.com


It doesn’t only allow you to post questions and/or read answers but it also lets you follow certain topics, people or questions. In this way, you’ll be able to know the trends that you’ve never thought or heard of.

2. Askville.amazon.com


It’s powered by Amazon. One of its main advantages to other sites is its community. It has resident reputable experts who can provide reliable answers. Plus, the site covers a wide array of topics, from entertainment to business to family.

3. Formspring.me


It focuses on stirring certain conversations. It lets you seek other people’s opinion or share your own idea. This site comes with a tool that allows its users to vote for a particular answer or question.

4. Answerbag.com


It’s one of the first Q&A sites that allow its members to receive points just for asking/answering questions. They can also rate other users’ questions/answers. By earning points, you’ll level up and become a novice, expert, or professor.

5. answers.yahoo.com


It has great answers to some solid questions. But you can also find questions with unusual responses allowing it to have funnier dialogue/conversation.

6. Mahalo.com

It works similarly to Yahoo! Answers. That is, users will post their questions on a certain topic and they’ll be answered by other users. But the great thing about this site is that it allows users who ask questions to give a monetary reward to the one who gives the most helpful answer.



From animals to health and fitness to parenting, AllExperts have millions of questions posted. Because of its popularity, you can easily find a good answer to your burning question.

8. AOLAnswers.com


Do you have questions about Obama? How about some answers regarding a trend? This site gives you the opportunity to answer/publish questions that other users can vote up or down.

9. Answers.com


To answer questions, you’ll need to join this community that has more than 200 million registrants. It has resident experts ranging from surgeons to nutrition experts to Nobel prize winners.

10. FriendFeed.com


Believe it or not, it’s also a reliable Q&A site that allows you to answer some questions that you find interesting. It lets you start a discussion or post an answer.

11. Stackoverflow.com


It’s dedicated to those whose interest is in programming. In here, anyone can ask or answer questions. If your answer was voted as the best one for a specific discussion, then you might rise to the top.

12. Shinyanswers.com


It’s a new site that lets you post a question and ShinyAnswers will answer it. You can obtain answer based on a thorough research.

With Q&A sites, you can be promoted as an expert in certain categories. And if you’re looking for answers, this type of site has advantages compared with search engine in terms of the level of quality of the answers you can obtain.

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