Holiday Video Marketing: What It Means To Your Business

How to prepare for the holiday season and create the best holiday video marketing campaign. Tips and tricks on creating excellent videos and what types of content people want to see this season.

A full-fledged guide to holiday video marketing: does it matter?

Any professional video maker on YouTube will confirm that the holiday season is the time when their videos bring the most value to their channel. As for holiday marketing, it is kinda an obvious thing, proved by numerous studies, that during holidays people spend a little fortune every year.

The winter holiday season is the hottest time of the year for companies, and even in 2020, the “Annus Horribilis“ of the modern era, people still spent a lot of money during that period.

Suffice to say that holiday marketing is extremely important to every company that wants to get the maximum of this the most wonderful time of the year. And if you are interested in this topic, let’s dive in and explore everything about holiday video marketing together.

What is holiday video marketing?

It’s simple: holiday video marketing is a special, separate marketing campaign that consists of creative holiday videos, called to attract customers to visit your store or website on holidays when they are looking for presents.

This type of video marketing should be more relaxed and fun because you make these videos to comfort people and make them smile so while testimonial video recording you must keep shooting site like that. If you are successful in bringing joy during the holiday season, you will be on top of your game.

Why is holiday marketing so important?

If you miss this season, you miss the opportunity to create stronger bonds with your clients. Holiday marketing videos evoke emotions and create connections that are based on something deeper than just good products.

It is the way to enhance brand loyalty and an opportunity to get the biggest sales of the year. Even if you start only an email marketing campaign, it will be better than doing nothing and miss this incredible chance that happens only once a year.

Let’s start planning a holiday marketing campaign in Summer

It’s time to check our holiday calendar, and we were right: it won’t be long before Halloween comes to our doors, and then Thanksgiving, Black Friday (not a true holiday, but undoubtedly a big event during the holiday season), Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

So, it is better to start an email marketing campaign and all the other shenanigans you plan to bring to life for this holiday season right now. Shoppers nowadays start their holiday shopping long before the season starts. We can see that some brands start releasing their holiday specials in September, so we know that our time is limited here.

And the last important argument in favor of early planning is simple statistics. Most consumers make their holiday purchases in October: about 40% of them. 22% buy presents before Thanksgiving, and only 15% of consumers delay their holiday shopping up to December.

Types of content for holiday marketing campaigns

Here is the time to absolutely unleash your inner creative muse and give it the ultimate powers. Everything from holiday shopping guides and to fun promotional videos will do great if they are heart-warming and bring people happiness.

If you have trouble coming up with ideas, you can use holiday video templates and start with basic things, slowly moving forward to something unique and one of a kind.

Don’t be cheap on editing! Even the best idea, if done poorly, can be absolutely wasted. Use professional editing software like Movavi Video Editor Plus to create 4K and HD quality videos for a perfect marketing campaign.

And do not forget about the music for your video. Consider, however, that all popular video and social media platforms respect copyrights. That’s why it’s recommended to use royalty free music sites.

Where can you use holiday content?

We recommend you use your holiday content everywhere you can. From social media to your website, everyone should be involved. But, here is the list of places where you absolutely need to use the videos:

  • Don’t have a YouTube channel? Well, it is a perfect moment to start one! It is just natural to add your holiday video to the biggest video hosting out there.
  • Of course, your videos should be included in your email marketing campaign. People love emails with videos, and usually, they become more interested in your product if you have some kind of video content embedded into your letter.
  • Main page. Don’t be shy and show off your excellent video on your website. It will boost your website’s traffic and will help turn visitors into paying consumers.
  • Social media. Use holiday videos as a part of social media ads, or just promote them on your Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have TikTok, upload it there too!

Holiday video production tips

E-commerce stores can make a bank from holiday videos, and you should be one of them. Here are some of our tips on how to create not just great but best holiday videos:

  • Bring all the creative minds of your company to make something unique and memorable. You don’t need some mediocre stuff: you need the best.
  • Be really picky about the quality of the videos. Only 4K or HD quality videos, with superstar editing and flawless script counts.
  • Think really carefully about the atmosphere. The videos should be straight out of the land of Christmas and miracles.
  • Make videos fun, lighthearted, and easy to remember.
  • When creating a script, focus on short sentences, but try to play with rhymes and cliches. It is the best time to use them to your advantage.


Let’s finish our journey with the epilogue, like in the Christmas movies and not with the conclusion, like in regular articles. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, so you need to be prepared for the holiday season to get the maximum joy and sales of it.

Do not ignore the holiday season: throw sales, create amazing videos, start smashing email marketing campaigns and celebrate this season with your customers.

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