25 Home-Based Business Ideas in 2023

If there’s one good thing that happened during the pandemic, it is the opportunity for home-based business ideas to grow into a full-blown enterprise in 2022.

In the past decades, most of us working people are used to the traditional on-site work. You would need to have a strict daily routine in order to be highly functional on your everyday working tasks, this routine involves waking up very early and travelling to work then going home late, to wake up again early the next day. It can be a toxic cycle and we didn’t realize this until the pandemic. We were forced to work from home especially those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs. But for many people who were exploring ways to have additional income, or just shifted careers, discovered a more practical way to work, which is a permanent remote work setup.

Thanks to the internet, a remote work setup is possible. You can have a multitude of options to choose from where you can apply your expertise or develop your interests and skills. There are a ton of advantages of working from home, which includes work-life balance. Especially if you have kids, you can have more time with family, making most of the time lost from the daily regular commute to work. If you are considering building your very own brand this in 2022, we’ve listed down 25 home-based business ideas for you to take inspiration from.

1. Clothing Brand

The clothing industry is one of the most lucrative industries if done correctly. This is due to the fact that it allows a large margin for earnings for mass-produced clothing pieces. Not to mention, how well you can position your brand to the market. You can tread on specialised clothing or go for a full-on all-around clothing shop that sells anything stylish from head to toe.

2. Makeup Brand

Notice how girls just can’t get enough makeup? Well, that makes having your own beauty and makeup brand highly profitable. This potential has been recognised by countless celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Kylie Jenner just to name a few. However, we understand how risky you might think it is to compete with other big brands. Well, for us, marketing is the ultimate key! As mentioned, no girl has ever had enough makeup, you’ll just have to make sure your product is likeable and can be at par with other big brands.

3. Content Writing Agency

We know what you’re thinking, how different is a blogger compared to a content writer? Well, the simples answer we can give is that blogging means regularly adding an online journal that also grants access to other users. While content writing is a much broader aspect that typically entails selling.

4. Skincare Brand

With the noticeable young-looking artists of Korea, this quickly allowed the skincare industry to rise as a million-dollar business idea. Since countless Korean celebrities are continuously getting famous, it didn’t take long for people from across the Western region to be intrigued as to how these celebrities maintain a 20-year old looking skin when they’re nearly 40.

5. Influencer Agency

There’s no doubt that a lot of internet personalities have risen to fame during the pandemic. In fact, you will find most of them on TikTok and Instagram, making waves about a certain product or service they’ve come across. That being said, we believe that building an influencer agency will be one of the great home-based business ideas in 2022. You can also download TikTok videos for referencing.

6. Virtual Assistance Agency

Virtual assistance is one of the most in-demand freelance businesses out there this 2022. A lot of great professionals are looking for very organized people to manage almost everything in their life, both personal and career. You can be tasked with anything, from the daily calendar, and email management, to booking flights and hotel accommodations. If you are someone who is highly organized and are naturally used to these kinds of stuff, then you may be perfect for this job.

7. Fitness Training Courses

During the pandemic, we were all stuck in our homes and had little to no access to gym equipment. Many people started hiring fitness trainers without going to the actual gym. Until today, fitness trainers are still in demand even if restrictions eased up because of accessibility.

8. Social Media Management Company

Are you someone who’s always on your smartphone, regularly posting photos or videos, with witty captions? Then being a social media manager may be for you. Almost all businesses have social media accounts and these businesses need someone to manage them for them. The job includes copywriting, scheduled posting, photo editing with Canva or photoshop, and replying to DMs.

9. Blogging Website

Have a knack for writing about things that inspire you? Or perhaps, you want to share your discovery with the world? If you’re good with words and can communicate your thought effectively, then creating a blog website should be part of your list.

10. Video Editing Company

Video Editors can easily find clients online. Lots of employers from Upwork, Fiverr and other freelance websites are looking for video editors. Just make sure to showcase your previous projects and work to give your potential clients a glimpse of what you can offer.

11. Freelance Coding Company

If you previously worked for a tech company with knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java to name a few, you can actually work freelance online. There are a lot of businesses needing your service with good pay with python programming jobs.

12. Online Tutoring

While schools adapted to online classes, some parents of these students also saw the need to hire online tutors to boost their child’s learning. So if you are good at certain school subjects like mathematics and English and have the passion to teach, you may want to give online tutoring a try.

13. Customer Service Company

Customer service representatives play a very important role in any business, as they handle all the customer’s inquiries, complaints among many other tasks. This job is definitely in-demand as there are a lot of businesses out there that are only available online and need professionals to handle these tasks.

14. Garage Sale

You may be hoarding a lot of things you haven’t used for some months or years and have no plan on using them in the future, you may want to set up a garage sale to monetize these things. You get to have a cleaner home, and maybe new friends in your neighbourhood!

15. Video Game Streaming Page

The gaming industry is getting more traction and there are a lot of ways to earn with playing computer games. Video game streaming has been increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic. You may personally know a friend who does this. Because why not earn money while having fun, and building connections with different people around the world. And on top of that, if you can consider yourself good with your game, you can also join competitive tournaments that pay winners really well.

16. E-Commerce Business

Whether or not you have an existing physical store, you must consider building a business online. You may first want to research and educate yourself first. While this can be overwhelming at first, you may be surprised you can sell any products from home.

17. Homemade Food

Does your family have a secret recipe for food that all your friends praise? Why not consider selling them online? With a little help from social media, you can promote your food product, then get some reviews to increase traffic and awareness.

18. Customizable Shirts/Mugs

If you are artistic and love to design different things. You might want to consider selling customized shirts and mugs. You may need to invest in a few types of equipment and do some research on the technical side of printing and you are good to go. These are most especially in-demand, especially during the holiday season when people are shopping for gifts, like elegant linen shirts for women.

19. Online Flower Shop

Do you simply love flowers and plants, arranging and decorating them? Many people especially with huge gardens can take advantage of their space and passion by selling plants. By selling these online, you can maximize your space and naturally transform it into a flower haven.

20. Online Tailoring Services

Online tailoring services are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience. People just measure everything that is required by the tailor, then have it delivered. This is very convenient as people don’t have the luxury of time to personally visit their tailors. And the good part is most of these tailoring services is that they handle the delivery too. If you already have an existing tailoring shop, might as well consider expanding your business online.

21. Trading Stocks/Cryptocurrency Agency

Online trading must be one of the most traditional ways of earning at home. With the rise of cryptocurrency, many traditional traders were excited to join because they can trade 24/7. But because cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning they are not issued by any governments, these cryptocurrencies can be very volatile and risky. So, equip yourself first with the right knowledge and skills available online before investing.

22. Freelance Transcription Agency

This freelance job is one of those jobs that anyone can do, as long as you can understand, and write English, or any language the job requires, you can do it. The task is to simply transcribe audio or video dialogues.

23. Freelance Data Encoding Agency

Freelance data encoders sort data. It is a specific administrative task that most people can actually do. Normally data encoders follow a certain format on collating and processing data.

24. E-Commerce Management Agency

As the name states, you manage e-commerce platforms for a business. You may be responsible for sourcing products from overseas, replying to customer inquiries, and managing healthy inventory of the store.

25. SEO Specialist Agency

When you search for any particular information, product or service on your search engine, you would most likely click the top results on that page result. People who ensure these services and products get to the top rank of the page are the SEO Specialists or Search Engine Optimization Specialists. This is great for any business to ensure higher visibility.

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