10 Best Hospitality Business Consulting Companies in Toronto (Ontario)

Industries that provide service to people are often more challenging than product-centric businesses. Why? This is because service-oriented businesses involve actual interaction between people. Moreover, their main objective should not be providing solutions to a problem. It should rather be to satisfy and exceed set expectations.

Though this is only easier said than done. Many ways may go wrong and affect the overall satisfaction. Thus, businesses in the hospitality industries encounter these problems more often. If not handled well, it may further disadvantage the brand. And of course, we want to help you, so we rounded up the ten best hospitality business consulting companies in Toronto that you may check out!

Best Hospitality Business Consulting Companies in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up has set the bar high for creative agencies. They were able to provide extensive services that cover branding, web design, to business consultation. Additionally, they grew over 14 years and gained flexibility by engaging with clients from various industries. With wisdom and experience put together, they can provide stunning results-oriented output for their clients.

2.Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL Website

Website of Horwath HTL.

Taking pride in their contributions to their clients, Horwath HTL uses their previous clients to their advantage. It helped them gain a reputation and encourage their trust. They believe that change is necessary to achieve success. Through this, they also initiate change while making sure it is systematic. By doing so, this opened a broader perspective and encouraged valuable opportunities.

3.KRG Hospitality

KRG Hospitality Website

A client by KRG Hospitality817 Sports Bar.

KRG Hospitality made it a point to listen and see how they can help their clients. They take a close look at each issue and what the team already has—looking at the bigger picture before closing in. Their team uses the best practices from their past clients and sees if it works for the others. This ensures that their clients are assisted on which trends to follow and what to avoid.

4.The Fifteen Group

The Fifteen Group Hospitality Business Consulting Company

A client by The Fifteen Group, Cafe Crepe.

Established in 2001, The Fifteen Group is indeed one of Toronto’s best hospitality business consulting companies. They have collaborated with various hospitality industry brands. Consequently, these clients are happy to share their success stories. You may also check out their website and learn more about the services they offer. Feel free to drop a message if you want!

5.Enterprise Restaurant Consultant

Enterprise Restaurant Consultant in Toronto

A client by Enterprise Restaurant Consultant, Rio Nectar.

Enterprise Restaurant Consultant is truly one of the go-to hospitality business consulting companies in Toronto. They offer comprehensive business solutions that are helpful to companies. From branding to elaborate business plans, their team definitely got you. Taking this further, they work on aligning and providing consistent brand presence – online or offline.


Carpedia Hospitality Business Consulting Companies in Toronto

A client by Carpedia, Loews Hotels.

Truly excellent at what they do, Carpedia has managed to collaborate not only with hospitality companies. They more proved to be flexible because of this. By aiming to provide excellent service and deliver solid results, they work on applying globally up-to-date strategies. This helped them make sure that their clients only get the best business solutions possible.

7.Wilson Consulting Group

Wilson Consulting Group Hospitality Business Consulting Companies in Toronto

A client by Wilson Consulting Group, Loews Hotels.

One of the best hospitality business consulting companies in Toronto, Wilson Consulting Group is a consultancy company that not only caters to companies of all sizes. They also offer consultations for campaigns – political, fundraising, etc. Besides this, their team is directed to help solve internal issues and conflicts as well.

8.Results Hospitality

Results Hospitality Client

A client by Results Hospitality.

Results-oriented and hands-on, Results Hospitality is quite an impressive company to work with. They have extensive offerings that are perfect even for start-ups. Thus, they focus on small-details which helps you feel a bit overwhelmed and paralyzed in decision-making. From inventory and operations to marketing, they indeed guide you to achieve your goals.


Metropolis Website

Website of Metropolis.

Metropolis has been through ups and downs in the industry. This makes them definitely reliable in terms of consultancy. They already know the ropes behind the scenes and how to work around several issues. Put your trust in this company also because they mean well and act accordingly. Furthermore, this company actually managed to stay in business since 1992.


Anyday Website Hospitality Business Consulting Companies in Toronto

Website of Anyday.

With a profound understanding of how branding works, you can never go wrong with Anyday. Offering extensive branding to web services, they also provide consultancy services for eCommerce clients. Moreover, in case you intend to align online and offline efforts, Anyday is undoubtedly perfect for you. They will ensure that this is executed consistently and is aligned with your business goals.

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