10+ Best Hospitality Website Design Examples & Inspirations

The hospitality business’ core is all about service and experience. With these two in mind, a website should also be user-friendly with a seamless experience to impress potential clients. Here, we rounded up 10+ Best Hospitality Website Design Examples & Inspirations so you can improve your overall website and grow your hospitality business in the long run.

10+ Best Hospitality Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. The Standard

The Standard Hospitality Website Design Examples

True to its name, The Standard sets the bar high in hospitality website design. They showcase a snapshot of their guests having the time of their lives. Besides this, they also take this opportunity to list down their branches across the world and direct the customer to their desired location. Hovering allows you to select whether you intend to learn more about the local hotel, book a room, or even get instructions on how to get there. Besides this, joining their newsletter also allows you a percentage off your booking.

2. Refinery Hotel

Quite moody at first sight, Refinery Hotel focuses on your convenience that’s why they added their quick booking form within the landing page. Scrolling further allows the site visitor to learn more about the hotel and discover the history its four corners hold. Besides this, an overview of the rooms and amenities are also included to entice booking. There are call-to-action buttons available for quick conversion.

3. Badrutt’s Palace

Badrutt's Palace Hospitality Website Design Examples

Taking advantage of the seasonality of the place, Badrutt’s Palace wows us with its well-thought website design. They divided the screen into two scenic shots showcasing the highlights of the mountain region in St. Moritz. Furthermore, they included dates ideal for the best experience of local activities depending on the preference of their guest. Different language options are also available to cater to different nationalities.

4. Jumeirah

With a scenic panorama of the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah knows well what its selling points are. A true icon in terms of luxurious stay-ins, they emphasized the statistics they received from previous clients. Sections regarding accommodations and amenities are also available should you decide to scroll further. Stunningly, their vivid photo additions also stand out from the dark background.

5. Caprocat

Caprocat Hospitality Website Design Examples

Flaunting its remarkable architectural design, Caprocat has a generally warm and cosy feel on its website. Their choice of words in their copy and use of serif fonts implies authority in the industry and sophistication at the very least. Besides these, their landing page is immersive with a narrative style of writing and postcard-like snaps of sceneries. Surely, a Book Now button remains on the side ready for potential lead conversion.

6. Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina boasts of their scenic seaside view, appealing to clients who are looking for a place to relax and take a breather from the city. They added buttons on the screen with a Book Now along with their social media buttons. Scrolling further down allows us to witness their smooth transitions and intuitive website experience.

7. The Maritime Hotel

The Maritime Hotel Hospitality Website

Classic and true to its history, The Maritime Hotel takes us back in time with its warm and comfortable atmosphere. Putting their clients first, they added an accessibility plug-in to improve the general experience of the website for those disadvantaged. Besides this, a booking call-to-action button is available on the upper right as well to trigger interaction.

8. Finca Rosa Blanca

Fina Rosa Blanca is one of the best hospitality website design examples you can check out. They have a simple yet intuitive website featuring video clips promoting their amenities. Moreover, they also featured their media mentions and affiliates which can help boost the credibility of the hotel. Besides these, a real-time chat plug-in is also added for queries.

9. Paradiso Ibiza

Paradiso Hotel Website

A concept hotel, Paradiso Ibiza is another of the best hospitality website design example you can explore. With bright fun retro colours, they appeal to clients because of the youthful aesthetic. Besides this, they also have plug-ins for real-time chat, reviews summary and deal notifications on the side. Furthermore, there are also different sections for more information about the hotel with their copy written in a perky and engaging tone.

10. Seehotel Ambach

With a carousel banner of stunning snapshots of the hotel, Seehotel Ambach understands how important visuals are. Their website layout is directed to showcase their rooms and amenities with supporting copy to entice the audience further in booking a room. Moreover, call-to-action buttons are also added along with reviews to help impress the site visitors.


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