How To Spy On Your TikTok Competitors?

In a University of Amsterdam blog, Josephine Oettle discusses how TikTok still managed to become very popular despite already popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She notes that TikTok’s success is due to its algorithm, which keeps things mobile by constantly pushing out trending and famous videos and showing them to you. 

While this feature of the app is pretty nice for its engagement, it’s also convenient for brands in constant competition. We’ll be discussing this later, but for now, let us start small. 

If you are a rising entrepreneur and have decided to use TikTok as your spying platform, then, first of all, congratulations on your right choice because apparently, a paper from Belarus State Economic University shows that TikTok is becoming the social media platform of choice for brands to advertise their products since it features synergy in its build, aka combining more than one ways of effectively promoting content in literary terms.

With this in mind, and with the fact that you want your account to grow, let us get on with the real question: How to spy on your TikTok competitors like a pro?

Spying like a pro

Match the audience 

A neuroimaging study of TikTok users showed that TikTok’s recommendation algorithm, i-e, the algorithm that suggests videos to users, has some neuronal basis. The kind of basis that involves activation of some brain areas to crave similar videos. 

Hence if you want to know how a brand is doing, you get into its brains first. And to do that, you need to analyze the brand’s audience. See how the audience reacts to your competitor, the content they post and analyze the general interaction between your competitor and the audience it has. Interaction on TikTok comes in the form of TikTok likes, etc.

Sometimes, you got to have a similar audience as your competitor. You might want to create a separate account for this and buy followers for TikTok with specific geotargeting and perhaps some gender targetting as well. This will ensure that you see the same stuff your competitor sees and think like your competitor. It’s called being one step ahead, Jutsu. 

You might ask, okay, cool, but how do I carry out my analysis? Excellent question. This brings us to our next point.

Comments are more than just words. 

In a study conducted by the University of Cincinnati, researchers found that comments are more than just words. When analyzed up-close, they reflect the attitude of the follower towards the post. 

In general, feedback-like and information-oriented comments show that users share a positive view of the person who shared the video. In contrast, words that are conversation type show an attitude oriented towards more negativity. 

Hence if you see more conversation-type comments or generally negative comments, rest assured, your competitor is not doing as great as they show they are. And if you see comments that are encouraging in nature, then you haven’t a choice but to step up your game. You can also try to convert tiktok to mp3.

Third-party applications 

And finally, 3rd party applications that every other blog keeps talking about. Unlike others, we have only a few favorite 3rd part app, and we think it does the job pretty well. 

A bachelor’s thesis by Mia Nummila signifies the importance of third-part applications and their use for properly strategizing your moves on social media. And we couldn’t agree more with her. These applications are essential to have. 

That being said, our go-to third part application for spying on your TikTok Competitors are social Insider and Pentos.


With socialinsider, you can analyze the engagement on your competitors’ posts whenever they make one, that is.  

The app also shows their digital strategies and audience growth. 

You’ll have to spend a few bucks on this app, but it is worth it. 


The app helps you monitor the latest trends on TikTok so you can stay on top of things and gives you an insight into your competitors’ marketing strategies so you can easily outperform them.

This app too charges for its services, and although it’s cheaper than socialinsider, it still costs some bucks. You can’t get exceptional services for free now can you?


And that is it for our guide on How to spy on your TikTok Competitor like a pro. We hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful as well. 


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