How to Use WordPress for Your Branding Campaign

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Businesses know the value of effective branding. Indeed, regardless of your industry, you need to come across as authentic. Your branding speaks volumes about your capacity to connect with your audience, so it’s always crucial to put in a lot of effort and time in terms of crafting your business identity.

Using the right platforms, for sure, helps you build a brand that gets a lot of online exposure and WordPress is just one tool you will need to beef up your brand’s reputation.

Here’s how you can maximize the platform for spreading your online influence and crafting a loyal following for your business.

1. Get the right plugins

There’s a plethora of plugins to use that will impact your branding efforts online. From themes to custom login pages, you brand can drive interest if it’s equipped with the right plugins. A good example is Cusmin, which provides an intuitive admin panel that enables seamless customization across the board.

Aside from Cusmin, Birds Custom Login is a great tool that lets you create a clean, easy-to-build, and mobile-optimized login pages complete with color and image customization features. Branding, after all, is about being consistent when it comes to handling your brand’s identity.

2. Create a memorable logo

Apple has become such an important player, which was due in part to its effective brand-building activities, starting with a great logo.

A lot of business owners can get away with creating a logo that’s too general. This, however, entails the risk of having your brand get buried by the amount of noise within your industry. If you really want your business to stand out, then you should have a well-thought out logo that gets the attention of visitors to your WordPress site.

In order to produce a logo that impresses and attracts your audience, think about the products you’re selling. What makes you so special? Your business’s uniqueness should be reflected in your logo. It’s a bit tricky to create a logo that makes an impact, so you can either get someone else to do it for you, or use simple custom logo design tools such as Looka or FreeLogoDesign most of which are free of charge.

3. Craft an effective About page

Your logo gets people’s attention, but for them to know you at a deeper level, your About page should do the explaining.

About pages are a standard, but people expect more than just rags-to-riches stories or content that panders to the emotions of your audience.

To make the most out of your About page, you should focus more on featuring past clients and real photos of your team in action. Indeed, your brand story should be told through innovative ways, and relying too much on text can really offset your gains.

An even better idea is to make a video that explains how you got started, but in a less boring way. Think of clever animated doodles that are fun to watch. You can also add in a few other perks like an infographic that talks about your brand’s history. This will surely give audiences a more engaging way to learn more about you.

4. Create a brochure or whitepaper

It’s not enough that you have an About page that talks about your business. There are just some things you can’t leave out of your company profile and history.

Meticulous customers would want to know how you’re really going to help them with their needs. So, to position your brand as a credible and reliable provider of the most effective solutions within your market, your content marketing campaign should include whitepapers, brochures, and even newsletters that contain relevant information about your industry.

Not only will this help your audience to decide on buying a product or service, but publishing additional information about your business can also boost your reputation and reel in more visitors for your site.

5. Make full use of social media

Your social media presence and WordPress site go hand-in-hand in terms of growing your influence. You just have to create high-quality and industry-specific blogs which you can share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A highly effective social media campaign should amplify your brand’s reach, so make sure you write effective social media captions and include your logo on your post images to drive more visitors to your site. You only have to make sure the site is fully optimized for mobile devices and sped up to keep the bounce rate at a reasonable level.

Branding is crucial to your business because it allows you to generate new opportunities. You only have to make it count using WordPress as your main platform.

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