How VPN Helps to Binge Geo-Restricted Streaming Services in Canada

VPN usage around the world has been on a high. It does help a great deal when it comes to protecting your privacy and keeping your presence online undetectable. But one of the main reasons the VPNs have gained popularity is because they are the only ones that can help you to bypass Geo-restricted services.

Using a technology known as geolocation technology enables Geo to block ISPs that are not supposed to access the content that is not available in their region. So, when Geo is activated, it will block your ISP, and you won’t be able to access the content you wanted.

As streaming services update their content every day with great movies and TV shows, some of the best streaming platforms are not available in many regions. Once you try to access it, you get easily detected by Geo, and you cannot stream them in the region that the streaming services haven’t granted permission.

Internet users haven’t well-received these restrictions. For example, HBO Max is only available in the US, but with the help of a VPN, you can bypass the restrictions and access HBO Max in Canada.

How binge streamers are helped by VPN

A VPN is good when it comes to hiding your IP address and location. It provides you with other IP addresses and covers your real one. Thus, making it hard to be detected in the region that you are in. So, when you want to access a streaming platform where its content has gotten restricted in the region you are in, a VPN will help.

It will provide you with servers that you will use for the country that you want to access the streaming platform. Once you sign in using a server of that country, you will get disguised as a person from that particular country, and there you will now be able to access all the shows and movies available.

If you are in Canada, for you to access HBO Max, you will need a VPN and change your ISP by choosing a server from the US. Once you change your ISP, you will now access streaming HBO Max from your home in Canada. That is because HBO will detect the server location like that of a person in the US.

But sometimes, it’s not easy, for streaming sites have a mechanism that can detect ISPs. And once it detects you’re accessing its content in a country with no permit over the content, it will automatically block your ISP, especially if your subscribed VPN server disconnects.

You are not accessing some streaming services in Canada

Sometimes it’s hard, especially when in a region where Hulu content is restricted. For example, you may have watched a movie or TV series trailer that you would love to watch but get disappointed seeing it is only allowed access elsewhere. So, you may ask why it is hard to access these streaming sites online.

But there is a reason. For example, Hulu bans VPN connections because they do not have the right to air their content in other regions. So, when one uses a VPN, Netflix is held accountable for violating copyright agreements. So if you’re in Canada you might consider using a VPN for Ottawa.

Many streaming services try not to violate copyright agreements because you are not accessing some streaming services.

What can one do if a VPN is blocked?

If you are finding it hard to bypass the Geo-restrictions with a VPN, try the following:

  •         Restart the VPN
  •         Change servers
  •         Check if you have disabled your device location
  •         Contact the support team

You will experience your VPN getting detected by the streaming platforms, especially if you use a free VPN. However, a paid VPN will have many servers available for you to try, making it easier to access geo-blocked content easily.


Is Geo-Blocking illegal?

It is frustrating, but it is legal. It’s there to make sure that there is no breaking of agreements like the copyright and geographic restrictions.

Rights for a particular movie, for example, vary from one region to another. This is because of the rights permissions given to a streaming  service for that of broadcasting and distribution.

Geo-blocking also gets used for business. For example, many streaming services wouldn’t find it profitable to stream their shows in other regions because they would have to pay to have the rights to air in that region.



Using a VPN will give you the access you need to have all the content you want. Not only will a VPN help you bypass the Geo-blocking, but it will also help protect your online activity. It will provide you with privacy and security.

Subscribe to the best VPN service. It will be hard to get detected with a good VPN, and there will be no need to change servers now and then.

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