8 Awesome Html Tutorial Websites For Beginners

Web design seems to have gained some extent of prestige among people because of its usefulness and the perception of how difficult this task is. Though it is true that you need technical skills and even educated knowledge about web design, everyone can learn how to do it. All you need is the proper guides and tips to equip yourself with the right information.

Now, there are many tutorials available on the Internet that will help you learn web design. Nevertheless, all big endeavors need to start with a simple step. What I am trying to say here is that you need to start with the basics of web design and this means learning HTML.

HTML or hypertext markup language is the general and the standard practice on tagging different elements of web design through the use of text. In effect, HTML is considered the building block of any web design. Therefore, if you want to learn web design, learn HTML first.

Thankfully, there are many free HTML tutorial sites that you can go to. While it is very fortunate to have many of them available, it is sometimes difficult to choose which of them will surely be the most effective tutorial sites for you. Since we all have limited time and we want to learn in the fastest but most efficient manner, I gathered eight free HTML tutorial sites to start you learning! Here is a quick run down of these HTML tutorial sites.

1. W3Schools

W3Schools is by far the most popular website that will teach you how to use HTML. People who have used w3Schools give this site a high satisfactory rating. In fact, I will recommend this site in case you are really serious with learning HTML and other related topics. They offer a diploma as well! After you learn HTML, you can learn CSS, Javascript, Jquery, XML, and other more complicated subjects.

2. PageTutor

The strength of this website is it’s easy to understand how-to articles. It can teach you the most basic and fundamental concepts about HTML; and if you are ready to take on the higher level of learning, you can easily look for a more advanced lesson found in the website. They offer free membership for interested students.

3. HTML.net

HTML.net has a systematic curriculum for you. From HTML to Javascript, you can almost find all the things you need to learn about web design. They have a forum section where you can discuss important matters with other members or simply you want to make friends and share the same interests.

4. BeginnerTuts.com

If you prefer videos and moving pictures, then BeginnerTuts is the right site for you. It offers top and helpful video tutorials about HTML. As of now, they offer 50 video tutorials that will give you the head start on HTML. When you are tired with videos, you can switch to their written guides and articles. If you are truly a beginner, use this website because all there materials are specially designed to be user-friendly. All these you can enjoy absolutely free of charge.

5. Quackit.com

There are a lot of tutorial materials that you can find in this website starting from the basics to the most advanced aspects of HTML. The lessons are cut into different categories to cater your busy schedule. So if you are the type of person with so many commitments, you can use Quackit.com to schedule your learning sessions. They even have a 5-minute HTML tutorial on the go.

6. WebDevelopersNotes.com

Free basically means free and you will not be asked for money in Web Developers Notes. There are different learning programs that you can choose from in this website. Web developers Notes organizes their contents in such a way that it will be easy for you to find what you are looking for. The tutorial include general background about HTML, basic tags, formatting a tag, headings, HTML comment tag, Break tag, physical tags, logical tags, reference guide, text controlling, tag controlling, and many others.


HTMLGoodies is very keen when it comes to details and the general appearance of a website. After you have known how to use HTML, the site will teach you then how to use HTML in combination with other web design elements. HTMLGoodies also presents tutorials about the latest HTML5 version. There are primers tutorial that you can use to accelerate your learning.

8. HTMLTutorialForBeginners.com

You can learn HTML instantly with this website. HTML Tutorial for Beginners presents its lessons in video and text combination format. Thus, after you watch the video, you can review the things presented with the text content. The main focus of the site is for beginners and if you are ready to take your HTML skills to the next level, you might want to switch to other web design tutorial website.

These are the 8 tutorial websites that you can visit to learn more about HTML. If you are a beginner or even don’t have any web design background, do not worry, as everyone has to start on something, right? So with the help of these websites, I hope you’ll learn HTML in no time!

If you have other websites in mind that I forgot to mention, please feel free to mention it in the comment box below.

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