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We might not even notice it, but it will be very soon when the cold months will arrive to chill our homes. If you had been worried by the thought that the chills may penetrate to your devices and to your computer, I am confident that you just got the right tools to warm them up to keep you up at night. But how about decorating your system with real holiday treats from grateful designers?

Thankfully, there are a lot of resources that you can follow to get you up in tune with the Holiday demands. Wanting to customize your system with Christmas icons? How about simple icons to make your smartphone a delightful one? The list below gives you a handful of resources to let you know that Christmas is really about giving and sharing… and decorating.

Smashing Magazine – Festive Christmas Icon Pack

I have been a lover-reader of Smashing Magazine for a while now, and just to inspire you, I am not disappointed with the company’s generosity in teaching and sharing ideas and resources. The icon pack as stated above includes 20 .eps icons, all of which are free vector icons ready to be scaled up and down depending on your needs.

The icons are actually very modern looking without overriding simplicity and aesthetics. Colors are a bit basic and limited, but what you get are very candid representations of delight without so much details. The 20 icons are created by Offset Media, and contents include snowman, Christmas tree, gift wrap, candy, and other ornaments.

Smashing Magazine – Smashing Christmas Icon Sets

Smashing Magazine has taken the bait by calling this set unusual in approach. Nevertheless, the Russian-original icons set for the holiday season is a must-see if you are really serious about having good icons for your system. What made the icons so unique and different is the superb attention to detail. Such kinds of products are really effective for big screens with big custom icons to welcome users and viewers.

The set includes 10 icons in .png and .ico formats; we’d really love to see this pack offered also in vector formats for a more exhilarating experience with the details. Icons are very colourful, very rich in contrast, very vibrant in presentation, and are very complex to mimic or repeat. Included in the set are icons for RSS, Shopping Cart, Portfolio, Comment, Links, User, Calendar, Contacts, Social networks, and Print – all of which are effective also for the web business.

IconDock – Christmas Holiday Icons

Getting a little fancy with your system does not have to be that complex and difficult. This thought is being manifested in this set of 49 icons offered by IconDock for free use.

The icons are offered generously in various formats from PNG, PSD, EPS, PSD, GIF, and ICO, and also come in different sizes as well. Icons are very colourful and vibrant, but there’s not that much detail to make it hard to see when scaled down to fit a screen, so to say. Icons include different Christmas balls, Christmas light bulbs, and other Christmas elements such as Santa Claus, Reindeer, and angel.

DeviantArt – Xmas Pack

If you fancy snowflakes and glitters that dances under the glamour of Christmas lights, then you just hit the right place. These few icons shared by BlackBlurrr of DeviantArt is a quick collection of icons sprinkled with glitters.

Icon presentation isn’t that complex, but the gradients and mesh details are quite adorable for a set of icons. I love the chubby angel icon and the petite Santa Claus done by the designer, and the rest are real glorious ornaments especially for systems with animated backgrounds or glossy textures. Icons are offered in both .ico and .png formats.

IconArchive – Christmas Icons

Here comes a massive repository of icons that you’d love to discover even before the start of the Holiday season. The page as directed above includes up to 86 icon sets so far, and are contributed by a lot of Christmas lovers-designers who just wanted to share the fun.

Icons come in different sizes but as much as 512px maximum, and each set comes with different formats and numbers of icons depending on what you are really after. Other packs even include 3D icons, cartoon characters, marketing icons, small icons, vector icons, and a lot more. Downloading is easy as you can choose between downloading the whole set or by selecting a few with a format of your choice.

IconsPedia – Latest Christmas Icons

Another abundant basket of icons that you’d love to browse along as you search for your type of icons for your device. I’d say the collections offered by IconsPedia are a bit short and less popular, but you still get a lot of choices from simple gift boxes to Christmas trees and even to different Christmas treats and elements. Downloading is fairly easy, and you also get to choose from various formats and from different sizes.

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