8 recipe for increasing blog engagement with your readers

Getting your blog to have comments and regular readers is a hard task, especially if your blog is quite new. Most people use blogs to earn money through advertisement or to market their products, services and the like. If you are having difficulty in getting readers to engage in your blog posts, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Use of Graphics

A smart blogger will use graphics to engage readers and make them become more interested with the topic. The picture should clearly depict what your reader is about to read in the article, and have as much supporting graphics as you can.

For example, if you are talking about political and economical issues, use charts and graphs to support your statements. For social issues or events, you can use photographs of the actual events. For software tutorials and the like, you can use screenshots.

2. Use of Videos

Much like graphics, videos work out very well in explaining your article, rather than skimming through boring text. It makes your blog more interactive. If you are running a tutorial blog, posting video tutorials is a plus for your readers.

3. Encouragement for Questions and Comments

It’s a good idea to put some text below your article that encourages your readers to ask questions and make comments. You can likewise ask them questions as well, mostly for general opinion, such as ‘What do you think of this post / this product?’ and the like. This is a great way to strengthen your bond with your audience and to help you figure out what kind of content you should post next.

4. Use of Trending Topics

People will always look for trending topics wherever they go. Was there a politician, celebrity or famous person caught up in drama, a scandal or anything else? Was there a big event that happened anywhere? You can include your insights on it and your readers are sure to connect with you.

5. Use of Interviews

You can ask certain celebrities, famous personalities or other guests for an interview about a product or about their experiences in life or on their profession and post this in a question-and-answer format on your article.

Include pictures of the person (if possible) and maybe an optional video, if you interviewed him or her in person.

6. Improve Content

Blog readers will be much more enthralled with shorter but snappier content that they would have to read. They do not like super-long text that don’t make sense – instead, put some poking fun into your article and know what makes an audience laugh out loud.

Be diverse in making your article and feel as if you are trying to grab the attention of the audience, but in a friendly manner and not in an annoying way.

Useful Tip: 10 Reasons Why Should You Use Short Paragraphs for Your Blog.

7. Cite Example Stories and Experiences

Blog readers are more into personal stories, experience and similar content rather than just the plain truths and theories. You might want to tell a story based on your personal struggles or the company’s difficulties before it became an established group that is now successful. People nowadays are mostly into success stories with heartfelt inspiration that will get them interested in reading your content and get them motivated.

8. Offer Freebies

Freebies are a good way of getting more readers to visit your blog every day. If you are running a music tutorial blog, you can offer free downloads of instrument and drum loop samples for them to use. If you are maintaining a designer blog, why not offer free PSD files or stock photos?


Blog engagement is an easy task if you know where to start. It’s just a matter of connecting with your audience and letting them know that you’re a person too, who understands what your readers feel, and would want their opinions to be heard to improve your blog’s content and services. Feel free to comment and share!

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