20+ Inspirational Examples of Interior Design Websites

For creative professionals, paying attention to visuals can make or break the business. Though coming up with a website design can be overwhelming with many things you may want to add. No need to fret and focus on your objectives by checking out these 20+ Inspirational Examples of Interior Design Websites. Surely, you can take one good thing from one and another to come up with something personal to your business.

20+ Inspirational Examples of Interior Design Websites

1. Case 3D

Case 3D Interior Design Websites

Catching the attention of site visitors with a scenic seemingly static photo, Case 3D wows us as you scroll down and reveals an interactive background image. In it, they put the web copy as an overlay. This allows easy sectioning with new information and intention for each scroll. Their services are also emphasized through the transition of images while showcasing what they offer. Furthermore, they also have a top navigational bar for ease of navigation too.

2. Jessica Helgerson

Jessica Helgerson emphasizes their stunning projects in the past. Moreover, they kept their website simple by just keeping a photo carousel and navigational bar on top. You can explore their different portfolio — separating residential clients from commercial ones since the market is different for both. Keeping the images stand out, the website retains a plain white background with sans serif font for a neater and polished look.

3. Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid Interior Design Websites

Focused on introducing himself as a professional, Karim Rashid creates a more personal approach to his website visitors. His tone of voice feels conversational and warm, great for establishing a relationship with his audience. This can help him easily build rapport and convert them into clients. With also a minimalist website, he has pages dedicated to his previous projects that potential clients can check. One more thing to notice is he also added his stats which can help boost his credibility.

4. Modsy

Modsy is one of the best interior design websites you can check. They have a quite neat layout that is easily professional but still with personality. Furthermore, their design plays around blocking and adding depth through colours. Their “How It Works” section on their homepage is impressively easy to follow — perfect for new clients who are scared to drop a message. This can help them get comfortable while also maximizing this opportunity on your end.

5. Elle Decor

Elle Decor Website

Wowing their audience, Elle Decor flaunts a lovely outdoor recreational area with overlay elements that highlight their recent blog. As you scroll down, you can now see more of their posts with photos to add colour to the already minimalist look. Though with sectioning, they focused on adding a bit of diversification per blog category. By the end of the landing page, they have navigation links in their footer along with little information about them and the website.

6. Dock

Like a real-life dock, adventure awaits Dock‘s website visitors. On their landing page, they made it extra interesting by embedding an aerial drone shot of properties which adds more life than a static photo. Furthermore, they immediately shifted the focus on what they can help you with — they lined up their roster of projects you can view. They also have blogs to add more value to the table and a map for easy navigation for those who intend to visit their office.

7. Powerhouse

Powerhouse Interior Design Websites

Powerhouse has a responsive collage-like layout. They showcase various projects through professionally-take photos — since the interior design industry is visually-focused. Doing so allows them to generate leads and impress them with their projects, without much effort to write down copy that some just skim.

8. Studio Bramble

One of the best interior design websites to check, Studio Bramble reminds us of a good newspaper page with straightforward serif copy and lines to separate sections. They kept it simple and just added a few of their best photos to showcase what they can offer to their potential clients. Moreover, the infinite scrolling allows their clients to see more and gauge if they’re a good fit.

9. Avery Cox Design

Avery Cox Design

Avery Cox Design is all about light and airy. This allowed the website to have a more comfortable yet professional feel, emphasising blue and green colours that encourage relaxation. More than their aesthetic, they used serif fonts that stand out from the plain white background — web copy is also strategically written to uplift mood and promise home improvement by working with them.

10. Hart Howerton

Showing off like one of the pioneers yet delivering contemporary interior design results, Hart Howerton has a timeless professional website. They exude years of experience and authority through their choice of elements. Furthermore, they also picked earthy and fresh colours which adds a comfortable feel to the mix. As you scroll down, they kept their sections short and direct to the point. They also added a call-to-action in case the customer is interested to read more.

11. Aspect Home

Aspect Home Website Design

Light and cosy, Aspect Home understands that the true essence of a home is putting together small details to create an at-home feel that their clients love. This stayed true with their website design since they focused on having a plain white background, adding photos and web copy without crowding the visual. Moreover, their colour palette also played around with earthy colours by incorporating wood and nature pieces into the mix. This certainly adds a breath of life into a space.

12. SMD

Keeping things minimal, SMD focused on showcasing their best works through a slideshow. This instantly communicates their vibe and shows the potential client what they do best. Should they be impressed, there is a readily available navigation bar to learn more about them and touch base in case opting to start a project. Additionally, they also have a simple online shop that directs customers into their remarkably minimal yet classy shop.

13. Elissa Greyer Interior Designs

Elissa Greyer Interior Design Website

Elissa Greyer Interior Designs is all about simplicity but done with class. The website alone is professional and modern, expressing their confidence in the industry. Furthermore, they introduce how long they were in the industry which instantly establishes credibility. Soon after, this is followed by a section elaborating on how they work. Seamless and straight to the point, there are call-to-action available to direct engagement. Scroll further down and a contact form can be filled out as well for inquiries.

14. Ver Designs

Cutting the chase early, Ver Designs instantly elaborates on their story, capturing the perfect moment to resonate with the audience. Their website is mainly sleek and polished which perfectly speaks to clients who want to have a sophisticated home. Their attention to detail and selecting photos that communicate affluence sure increase the interest of potential clients.

15. NeoTecture

Neotecture Inspirational Website

Neotecture speaks to a different set of clients. They picked earthy and moody tones which communicate a sense of sensuality and comfortable to their clients. There is a ready navigational bar on top and a call-to-action overlay on their photo section. Furthermore, there is also a page dedicated to the automatic calculation of potential expenses which can help clients get comfortable first before getting in touch. This eliminates the back and forth, filtering sure customers to nurture further in the backend.

16. Erika Flugger

Modern and professional, Erika Flugger prepared a polished website that appeals to luxury homeowners. Playing around with balance and space, they kept it simple with a navigational bar on top in sans serif fonts. Furthermore, they promote what services they bring to the table along with previous clients they were able to work with. Hover to their services page to take a look at how they showcased their works visually and with further elaboration.

17. WCA Architects

WCA Architects Website

WCA Architects has a two-column website layout. On its left, their navigational bar is present along with a short bio to introduce the page. Furthermore, they kept this website as a portfolio for their projects. They utilized the plain white background to make their photos stand out and bring life to the page. At the end of the page, they included their contact details so the client can just drop them a message or visit if they’re interested to work together.

18. IBB Design

Another of the best inspirational interior design websites, IBB Design has a slideshow that not only showcases their best projects but also a text overlay for what message they intend to communicate. Moreover, there are also call-to-actions in each of the landing page’s sections to encourage action and later, conversion. Since this is a service-based company, they thought of adding testimonials to further help them establish credibility.

19. Love Decor

Love Decor Inspirational Interior Design Websites

Love Decor has a warm and cosy aesthetic that suits clients who intend to make their homes, livelier and better. Their choice of earthy and golden tones sure supported this intention. Additionally,  they also have a ready brochure to view more of what they can deliver. They also have a collection of surfaces or wallpapers that you can explore. Surely, they understand best what their luxury clients need and ensure to deliver beyond expectations.

20. HKS Architects

As a content-driven website, HKS Architects captures the attention of its website visitors through interesting headlines and remarkable photos. This generally adds life and business to the website which generally adds a sense of credibility in the industry too. A great way to also introduce the brand, they kept the navigational bar on top with a dedicated about section and what services they deliver. Interestingly, they also have a change language option which allows clients from different cultures to translate and consume their content.


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