12 Inspirational & Best Flash Websites Of 2016

There’s no doubt the World Wide Web has already made great leaps from its primitive HTML-based design. With the addition of CSS and PHP and other types of markup languages, websites have become more interesting and even powerful.

While there are many ways to design a website, Flash technology has taken many websites into greater heights. You can find the many Flash websites on the Internet that demonstrate the ingenuity of Flash.

In this article, I have gathered 12 Flash Websites that will bring inspiration and amazement. Check out our list below.

1. Disney New Fantasyland

Disney Fantasyland is not just for the children but it can also be for those people who want to relive their youth. If you have not yet visited Disneyland, then their site will give you a unique experience of what their attraction can offer you. As you go through their website, you’ll have a virtual experience of what it is like to be in the real thing. Of course, there are things found in the website that can’t be found in Disneyland such as the flying elephants.

2. Maestro

This flash website is definitely is must-see website because of its creatively made portfolio flash design. Witness their animated slideshow as it changes seamlessly to different images. The website is all about Flash CMS Templates that are elegant and inspirational.

3. Taggalaxy

You will be awe-struck with this stunningly designed website. The overall design is truly clever. You’ll choose tagged item then the site will take you into a galaxy setting where you can click the planets. Each planet is linked to another planet until you arrive at the final planet where the tagged items are placed. I know it sounds complicated but visit their website to learn more of what I am talking about!

4. Toyota

Toyota is the world’s premier automotive brand. Though the company has seen decline during the recession, it is now going strong and steady today. Toyota has different automotive products and it will be difficult if not impossible to explore all of them. However, with their Flash website, you can explore all their available line of automotives with a simple click and push of a button.

5. The Museum of Me

This is a neat website which creates a virtual museum of your self using the information found in your Facebook account. Intel is the owner of this website and the website is created by Fluid Inc. The Museum of Me is very effective when it comes to creating a visual snapshot of your life. It’s like having a real but virtual website built exclusively for you. Therefore, if you are using Facebook, then you must try this website.

6. Immersive Garden

Be amazed with this very inspiring and breath-taking Flash website. Just when you thought you have seen everything, wait until you see Immersive Garden. You can click the different pages found at the left upper corner and see the page transform together with the dramatic background music. The website is overly dark with a small circled light. Just click this point of light and see the larger picture unveil in front of your very eyes.

7. Saizen Media

Saizen Media is one of the leading graphic designer companies today. It has a large collection of previously accomplished projects posted in their website. You can explore their ingenuity and unique touch of artistry in this website and be amazed how they showcase their projects.

8. We Choose the Moon

This is an interactive Flash website that will take you to the NASA experience! When the website has completely loaded, you can hear an astronaut’s voice talking to you. He’s basically orienting you about the status of the launching of the space craft to the moon. You can view real-life photo galleries – the same photos taken during the moon mission. When you’re done looking at the photos, it is time for you to hit the launch button and watch the rocket fly to the sky and into the moon. This is truly a unique way to relive the Apollo 11 mission.

9. Joby Sessions

If you love photography, check out Joby Sessions. The website is powered by Flash technology and the photos are made even more interesting with the addition of animation. Click the “start” box button and watch as it drops seeds to the ground. Instantly, a plant will grow and you will find links below it. Each fruit of the plant is a representation of the tags and will start another animation as you click the tagged word.

10. SposiAmo

Wedding planning is never made this exciting. SposiAmo is the right choice because of its elegant website. You can explore more about this Italian website and see how it can help you plan your wedding. All the while you are in the website; romantic music can be heard from the background.

11. Waterlife

Waterlife is originally a documentary film that talks about the last great supply of fresh water on the Earth. Now, to promote the film, a website counterpart is made. Using the website is quite an experience as you explore bodies of water and be familiar with its benefits and fragility as well.

12. Cheese and Burger Society

Satisfy your gastronomic wanderlust with this website. Cheese and Burger Society will definitely take you to a delicious and mouth-watering trip in exploration of the best-tasting burgers. You do not have to go elsewhere as you can find the best burgers in the website.

I am sure you enjoyed our list of inspirational Flash website. However, you should have a fast and reliable Internet connection to enjoy Flash website in its peak performance since Flash websites will take longer loading time compared to ordinary websites.

If you have more suggestions, comments, and even reactions, please feel free to leave a message below.

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