10 Inspirational Green Website Designs

In any field of designing and the arts, color plays an important role, especially when it comes to harmony, visual appeal, and the theme of the website or blog. Choosing the right color is also relevant to what kind of website you would like to market and to what audience you would like to market it to, so you better choose carefully with your color schemes and combinations. In this article, we give you 10 of the greatest website designs with green themes.

List of the 10 best green web designs

Without further do, here is the list of the best web designs for you:


Here is a simplistic green web design, and even though it does not have much HTML5 effects, it is quite simple and neat. It is also a bit traditional with its design because of that.

5 Jobs at Octave & Octave

Here is yet another simplistic design of a green website, but it has a more artistic approach to it because of the animated sketches.

Garnier Body

This particular website design has a very ‘fresh’ appeal to it not just because it is green, but also easy to navigate and with soothing shades of green.

Netlife Research

Here is yet another neat design that does not really have to employ flashy HTML5 graphic effects to look stunning. The design is quite professional-looking.

Icons for Coffee

This is a website of icon makers that is also quite simple but neatly done with the graphics and typefaces.

Knock Knock Factory

This has a slightly darker atmosphere of green than most websites, though it is designed professionally. It does take some time to load, however.

Alex Buga’s Living Room

This is one hell of an interactive website to play around with! It might just be a simple portfolio, but it has a twist – interactive objects that make you feel like you’re hanging out checking stuff in a living room!

We r Pandr

Here is yet another neat web design with green and some black colors.

The Plant of the Dreams (La Planta de los Sueños)

This is a nice and cute web design with lots of greenery (literally), using a growing plant as the graphic effect. It, however, might slow down on computers with not-so-high graphic cards.


This is a very bright web design and simplistic, too. It has a cheerful atmosphere to it.

If you are lacking ideas when it comes to green web designs, then check out these ones we have prepared for you, to boost your creativity and make progress in your work or field.

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