10 Inspirational Wedding Invitation Designs

Weddings signify a great chapter in anyone’s life – to be married to the person of your life is such an unforgettable experience. Therefore, everything must be prepared exquisitely, especially with designs. But nowadays, there is a need to be unique especially when everything has already been done. You have to think for a different but great way of making a wedding invitation that fits the couple very well.

List of inspirational wedding invitation designs

Here is a list of the 10 best wedding invitation designs for your creativity to flow back:

Wedding Tag by Ales Santos

If you are looking for a cute and vintage design for your wedding invitation, making a wedding tag is the way to do it. You can simply attach it to any item with a cute rope.

Wedding Invitations by Jeremiah Shaw

This is a unique set of small prints that are clustered together with a small round pin. The theme is quite cute, artistic and creative.

The Golden Invite by Audrey Colombie

If you love Willy Wonka / The Chocolate Factory, then you are sure to love this ‘sweet’ wedding invitation design. The invitation is a chocolate wrapper with a ‘golden ticket’ inside of it. It looks pretty unique, right?

Wedding Invites 2 by Richard Parker

If you would rather make something more formal, then this design is the one to look up to. It gives of a ‘royal’ and ‘elegant’ appeal.

CMYK Themed Invites by Lauren Okura

Who says that CMYK can’t be used for weddings? Check out this really cute and minimalistic set of wedding invitation designs.

Letterpress Wedding Savedate: Pomeroy by Brad Osullivan

This is yet another creative way of making a wedding invitation – by making it look like an airplane ticket! The colors and designs on this one are very eye-catching and creative.

3D Cutout Wedding Invitation by Jason Lynch

Exercising arts and crafts for creativity has never been this cool! You can make one of these unique wedding invitations, too!

8bit / Video Game-Themed Wedding Invitation by Carla Berrocal

This design is definitely perfect for gamers or people who simply love video games. It is very simple but unique in a way.

Garden Party Invitation Kit by Teagan White

This is not just an invitation design set for weddings, but also for other formal occasions like birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and the like. It has a girly vintage design.

Square Folded Invitation by Melina de Cock

Here is another unique invitation that is quite simple to make and yet can appeal your audience.


Weddings can be spiced up with an awesome wedding invitation design, and if you haven’t got inspiration yet, then check out the ones we mentioned above!

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