5 Inspirations For Christening And Baptism Invitations

Baptism or Christening is one of the most significant formal events that could happen to a person’s life. Invitations are often made exquisitely and formally, but nowadays, there is a need to be unique especially when everything has already been done. You have to think for a different but great way of making a baptism invitation that fits the baby very well or at least make it stylish and minimal.

With that said, here are 5 of the best christening and baptism invitations to get you started:

Christening Invitation by Arhitektura

This is a simple baby boy baptism theme and can easily be done by anyone. The fonts and designs fit well with the colors.

Carolina’s Baptism by Patricia Pinto

This is a cute baby girl baptism design for an invitation. It has lace designs, a light theme with cute colors and fonts, and is quite the formal one. The envelope itself is also in lace with a ribbon. The designer also included additional items like dinner table menus and additional christening party designs.

Elephant Theme by Arhitekture

This is yet another baby boy baptism design, but is more on the cute and minimalistic side. Its theme is a cartoon elephant and has a simple light blue theme to it.

Arya’s Baptism by Sygryd Fuentes

This is a neat and colorful design, perfect for baby girls’ baptism. Not only does the designer applies the theme with the invitation, but also used it for the gift tags, souvenir tags, food items, gift items and the like.

Once Upon a Time by Until Sunday

This is a storybook-themed baptism invitation designed for a baby girl. The colors and art are very creative and eye-catching. There is even a pinwheel that comes with the invitation. The invitation also includes a map of the location of the baptism or christening.


If you are out of baptism or christening invitation designs, then why not pick one from above? There are thousands of ideas out there, and these could help you get started!

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