8 inspiring twitter bios + tips

Without a great Twitter bio, it will be difficult to get targeted followers. But the challenge is you only have 160 characters to state everything about you in an interesting and meaningful manner. Keep in mind that no one significant will follow you unless they know who you are.

When creating a Twitter bio, always ask these questions to yourself- Will my Twitter bio attract the kind of followers I would like to attract?

Must-haves for Twitter Bio Content:

  • Interests- This includes your hobbies and experiences. For instance, travel, sports, food or graphic design. Listing this in your Twitter bio will most likely attract followers who share the same interests in life.
  • Areas of Expertise – Are you a social media expert? Or perhaps politics is your cup of tea? Whatever area of expertise you have, make sure to include this in your Twitter bio. This will give your target followers an idea of what you can offer.
  • Keywords- Always include relevant keywords in your Twitter bio. In this way, you can be found via Twitter search or Twitter apps that categorize people by interest. If you are a life coach, you should include the keywords life coach or life coaching. Search engines will most likely show your Twitter profile when people search for those keywords.
  • Be Specific-Add adjectives to your description. Instead of stating you’re a freelancer, say you’re an “experienced freelancer” or “passionate writer” instead of just writer. Adjectives add spice to your profile.
  • Personality- A Twitter bio is incomplete without a touch of your personality. This key element is what sets you apart from other people.
  • Short phrases- Instead of writing your Twitter bio in sentences, present it in short phrases. Remember you only have 160 characters to use so might as well save space without compromising the quality. Also, it’s easier to read compared to sentences.

Here, we gather 10 of the most inspiring Twitter Bio.

1. @Twelveskip


Owned by Pauline C., the Twitter account’s about me section featured her interests, areas of expertise, and relevant keywords. Pauline also used short phrases instead of sentences.

2. @B2Community


A Twitter profile for open community of bloggers interested in leadership, Business 2 Community’s bio section effectively presented the interests, areas of expertise, as well as keywords that can easily attract followers with the same passion.

3. @Jan Gordon


Jan Gordon’s Twitter bio is simple and straight to the point. Her about me section basically wrapped up everything about her- her interests, her strengths, as well as a hint of personality.

4. @Convey Social


This Twitter account’s bio made good use of the pipe symbol to separate key terms. The use of that symbol actually saved space, and at the same time, presented the description in a sleek manner. Kelly Mcdonnell, owner of the Twitter account took advantage of the keywords that can help her gain followers and future clients.

5. @Marcin Zoltowski


Another example of a concise but meaningful Twitter bio, Marcin Zoltowski’s about me section looks clean and easy to understand. It utilized pipe symbols to separate areas of expertise and listed down relevant keywords.

6. @Vincent Paul R


Owned by a marketing major college student, the Twitter account’s bio showcased everything you need to know about Vincent Paul in the easiest way possible. Simply looking at the bio gives you the impression that the owner does not beat around the bush.

7. @I am John Sparks


John Sparks’ Twitter bio presents his interests, strengths, and relevants keywords. The phrase “Soon to be Top Ranked @Forbes and HuffPost” and “Tweets are +ive and Uplifting” also add flare to the account description.

8. @Kristy TV


This Twitter bio is bursting with personality, which is relevant to the owner’s profession, a talkshow host. Kirsty’s informal but very real way of describing herself on Twitter definitely gained her a lot of followers.

9. @Despreneur


Just reading Despreneur’s Twitter bio gives you an idea that is serious about business. Simple, straight-forward and complete, Despreneur was able to impart everything you need to know about it in just a few words.

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