How To Add Instagram App On Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook’s biggest rival in the social network platform is Instagram, a free photo-sharing application that allows users to snap pictures with their cellphones, apply a cool filter and share pictures with Insta friends.

Facebook, in its newest rollout, is allowing users to integrate Instagram with the network’s fan page to allow sharing of picture across multiple social networks and offer users more exposure without duplicating effort.

Explained below are detailed steps to integrate Instagram app tab into your Facebook timeline.

Add Instagram Tab on your Facebook Page

  1. Login to your Facebook account. Your account should have full access to the Facebook fan page you are trying to integrate Instagram with. Search for the ‘InstaTab’ app.
  2. Click ‘Install Application’ .
  3. Select a Facebook page you want integrated with the InstaTab app, then click ‘Add InstaTab’ button. You can select only one fan page at a time, so you will need to repeat this process for other pages you want Instagram to be featured on.
  4. After steps 1 through 3 all you have to do is enter your correct login credentials and accurate Instagram details for validation. Once you click Login, a validation will be performed to check your Instagram account details. If the details are correct, you will see the Instagram application in the dropdown menu on all the Facebook fan pages you have previously selected.

Facebook has successfully incorporated Twitter and Instagram content into its pages to retain its position as the top social network in the world. Its latest endeavor has been hugely successful with many people integrating their Instagram accounts with their Facebook fan pages to share photos and snaps across multiple platforms.

We have listed the easiest, quickest method to achieve the integration and share snaps. You can add as many fan pages as you like to feature your Instagram data. Once you install the app, adding pages is a simple matter and very easy to accomplish. Check in regularly with us for updates, tips ‘n’ tricks and tutorials to work with Facebook’s latest feature and enhancements rollout.

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