How-to: Apply Instagram Effects On Your Photos Online

Almost everyone is into Instagram nowadays! Well, we can’t blame them. Instagram is a great way to enhance your ordinary photos online.

However, there are several other free online photo editors that let you do more than apply filters and effects. You can even revamp your photos even without a smartphone.

What’s the best thing about it? Most of these are free and very easy to use.

Simply upload a photo and choose from several options to achieve the look that you want.

You can even make cards or timeline covers using these photo editors. With just a few clicks, you can transform a simple image into a hit. Here are some of our top choices:

Create Instagram Effects With These Online Tools


Rollip Editor

Rollip is my most favorite photo effect editor! Besides it’s wonderful features, it’s very simple to use and the website is super FAST. It will let you choose a photo filter then upload your photo. You can even add borders, overlay, text or choose another filter.

2. PicFull

Pic Full

This free photo editor is very simple to use. Simply upload the image you want to edit then select effects. You can choose from vintage dark, sepia, color stains, old colored, pencil strokes and several other filters to make your photo look more interesting. After applying the effect, just click save and your photo is ready for sharing. It even has a shortcut for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

3. PicMonkey


Picmonkey not only lets you edit an image, it also allows you to create a collage. Aside from cute effects which you can apply to your image, the free editor lets you modify the texture, overlays and frames of the the photo. It also has a new feature letting users edit the photo according to theme. For instance, if you choose the Santaland theme, you can add Santa’s stick-on beard to your image!

4. Pixlr O-Matic

Pixlr O-Matic

Pixlr O-Matic, which is available as a download, on Facebook, as an app for Chrome web, iOS and Android, allows you to use an image either from your webcam or computer. After choosing the perfect filter, you can still vamp your photo by adding effects, overlays, and borders. With many selections to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas to enhance your image.

5. Photo Face Fun

Photo Face Fun

Similar to other photo online editors, Photo Face Fun allows you to do basic photo editing, add effects, beautify, distort, add layers, and decorate. It also offers plenty of photo filters. But what’s special about this photo editor? It can create customized covers, profile photos, wallpapers and mobile backgrounds using your image. This photo online editor is definitely fun to use!

6. Fun Photo Box

Fun Photo Box

If you wish to make funny pictures which you can share online, then you must use Fun Photo Box! Make your own Facebook Timeline cover or holiday card using your favorite image in just a few clicks. Add animation templates, HD photo filters, and other amazing photo effects. A cool feature of this online photo editor is that it allows you to create face photo effect using your image. Want to create your very own Avatar? Just upload your photo, adjust your face in a hole, and in a few seconds you’ll have your Avatar!

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