How To Get Instant Notifications From A Facebook Page

You must have liked a page or two from your Facebook, and you can’t help but go to that page every time to get more of their posts and updates. That day must have come when you grew tired and wished if there would be a feature to keep you posted about that special page that you so loved.

Luckily, Facebook made it so easy to make all those posts straight to your notifications box, and the steps are too easy you’d sure love to follow.

Before anything else, be notified that you must have liked the page first to ensure that you get the most out of that particular page you are following.

Liking and simply following are two different behaviors, wherein the latter only gets feeds from the page without making you really a fan of that service or personality.

Getting all updates from your favorite Facebook page:

  1. Hover your pointer to the Liked button, and this should load a few options for you. getting all notifications from a facebook fan page
  2. Click on the row where the option ‘Get Notifications’ is located.
  3. You will receive instant notifications from that page even without logging out and in again.

See updates Only from your LIKED Facebook pages

Lastly, for few tips, you can actually see all updates and posts of the page you liked in these steps:

  1. Go to your Home page.
  2. Direct your attention to the Pages category from the left panel of the screen. facebook fan pages feed
  3. Select Pages Feed or simply click here. This will show you all updates from all the pages you are following. getting all feeds from fan pages

If you happen to categorize a particular page to an item in your Interests list, you can click on that interest to view the same results as above. Besides, the best way to view all updates and posts from a specific page is to go directly to its page.

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