10 Ravishing, Interactive Sites That Use Html5

HTML is the future of web, whether you like it or not. Even if IE isn’t compatible with it or you’re just in love with XHTML code, said language is needed by the web. There are plenty of reasons you should start using it now.

Most of the web experts are praising the benefits of it. It may seem like a mysterious creature, even to web designers and developers. But for Apple (that’s been pushing it), Adobe (that has been building products around HTML5) and other popular sites, this language is extremely practical. The reality is that it’s here to stay and it’s not going anywhere.

Apple is no longer using Flash on its iPhone and iPad. Google, on the other hand, will continue to develop apps with Flash, even though it’s one of the strongest backers of said language. These days, many developers are now working on using it.

Listed below are sites that showcase the value of HTML5. You can use this list to give you some directions on how to create your next HTML5 website.

1. Lead Motion


It uses jQuery slider presentation, which makes it interactive. This isn’t difficult to create using WordPress’ slider plugins. When you’ve the right plugin and pair it with a bit of your creativity, then you can have a very interesting site. Because it no longer uses Flash, the designer of this site didn’t have to use those tags and assign them to a list of parameters just to make one object work.

2. The Mustache Game


From the name suggests, it’s a site that comes with a game. The game allows you to add moustaches to a video. Platforms used here are similar to those of YouTube or Hulu. It’s dead simple to embed video or photo using this language. However, because some browsers don’t support it, you need to do a little more coding to make your site work correctly using any browser.

3. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web


It’s a great site to learn about the web. It offers you a feel of reading an actual book. There are many topics included, such as The Internet, cloud computing, HTML5, 3D In The Browser, and so on. The coder of this site didn’t use long unreadable lines of codes and dirty head tags.

4. Symbly


It’s a collection of mono icons and symbols that you can download. The coding for this site is clean and simple.

5. Roger Dubuis


Roger Dubuis, a watchmaker from Switzerland, makes use of HTML5 video capability. His site also includes audio features that give you a memorable experience while it provides you introduction to each watch. It has History and Geolocation API features that allow you, as a user, in selecting a store nearest you.

6. Buffalo Wild Wings


The framework of this site is designed with HTML5 giving it a great looking appearance and useful interaction ways. The site is very dynamic that allows users to interact with its content.

7. Bjork


This site of a well-known Icelandic pop icon uses Canvas elements. They help in creating the 3D galaxy that can be rotated using the mouse. Bjork’s songs will be played as you enter the site. It’s simply amazing and it’s very unique compared with other sites of some other artists and bands.

8. Agent8Ball


It’s a site that lets you play billiard. It’s also built with audio features that offer better user experience making it more dynamic.

9. Ghosthorses


This nice looking website uses native APIs, such as drag and drop and timed media playback. It’s a website of a web design agency located in Manchester. Just like the services it offers, its site utilizes the tools of HTML5 and CSS3.

10. Lamoulade


It has a chic with minimalist feel that reflects the brand. The site’s style is very elegant with the use of some dark colors.

If you want more examples, then you can browse more online. But the sites showcased here are 10 of the most creative ones that you can find. As soon as you begin using HTML5, you’ll completely fall in love with it and forget about the annoying Flash. So, start using it now and you’re going to build some sleek, elegant site that can topple your competitors.

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