How To Invite Friends On Instagram

Social networking has gained much importance in our lives now, and its main goal is to help people improve the way they can share the recent status or updates of their lives.

One application that offers this feature is Instagram – it is a great place to share your experiences on a place, or the photos of the food you are about to eat, or just some pictures with your friends and family.

It gives you the opportunity to share your personal pictures to the world, not only with your friends, if your setting is set to public.

More and more people are joining this network and you can also invite your friends simply by following these few steps:

Invite Friends on Instagram

  1. After you logged in to your Instagram, go to ‘Profile’ (the last of the 5 icons below your screen, the one which looks like an identification card).
  2. Once the Profile option is opened, selects the ‘Settings’ option (gear-like icon) which can be found below the battery bar.
  3. Once you are in the new menu, you can find the first option ‘Find & Invite Friends’ – click on it.
  4. Finding your friends and inviting them on Instagram is very easy. Instagram provides various ways to add your friends in your list. There are three ways by which you can find your friends through Instagram’s ‘Find & Invite Friends’ – with the help of:
    1. the contact list of your phone
    2. your friends or followers on your other social networking site accounts
    3. Inviting your Friends on Instagram
  5. Click on ‘Invite Friends’. A pop-up menu will ask you if you would allow Instagram to access your contact list. Click ‘Allow’.
  6. Now your address book will open, select the people you want to invite through your contact list. When the person is selected, he/she will receive an email or text from your personal account having the invitation of joining Instagram. If they accepted your invitation and made an account, they will automatically be on your ‘Following’ list.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Instagram is a huge network of people. However, even with millions of users, it can also give you the privacy by making your pictures visible only to your followers.
  2. Followers are the one who subscribe to your account to see the pictures you display on your home feed (just like on Twitter).

Finding and searching friends is made easier on Instagram by giving opportunity to find them through other social networking sites. The friend-finder option has open opportunities too, like inviting your friends unknown to your Instagram profile. You can grab their attention by inviting them so you can share your photos to them and so you can also see what they have to share with you.

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