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Review By April Mims

April Mims is a health, fitness, and nutrition coach and blogger at Everyday Fitness and Nutrition. She is passionate about helping others eat better, move more and enjoy la healthy life. As a passionate distance runner, she loves to share her running experiences and how fitness and running has improved her life.

April Mims

I have been using the iPage Essential Hosting Plan since January 2014 for my website http://www.everydayfitnessandnutrition.com.

Although this was a brand new website, I have two other websites hosted by another provider so I decided to try iPage for this site and see how the two companies compare.

Since January, my pageviews have grown to about 18K per month and is currently experiencing rapid growth. Because I had little experience (and no interest) with setting up websites, I needed something that was very simple to get set up and get my website up and running quickly.

The website was very user-friendly and helped me select the package that I needed and was very affordable. I can honestly say that I am very happy with iPage since I don’t have to think about it at all. For a busy blogger with a full-time job, this is critical for my hosting provider. I just need a hosting provider that delivers and keeps my website up and running.

Reliability 10/10

I have never had any issues with iPage at all. If there has been any downtime, I wasn’t aware of it at all so it went unnoticed and had no impact on my business. They are very reliable and dependable and I don’t have to worry about my readers not being able to access my site.

Features 10/10

Because I am not a programmer and don’t know a lot about the back end of websites, I need simple features. While I don’t use many of the features offered, I do like that they offer a good selection. As my blog grows, I will revisit the options offered and see if I am ready to use any of them. For now, my favorite feature is the visitor statistics. I am able to get a weekly or monthly traffic report emailed to me.

Price 10/10

iPage is very affordable. The price for a year of hosting was around $45 which is perfect for a brand new website with few views in the beginning. They are actually one of the lower cost providers but provide a very good value for the money.

Technical Support 10/10

I haven’t had to use technical support at all because I haven’t had any problems so I will give them a 10 for support. NOT having to contact tech support is a huge plus in my book. I need to focus on creating content and promoting my website and shouldn’t have to contact technical support. But it appears very simple to contact them if the need arises by email, phone, or chat. They also have a user guide posted as well as a huge knowledge base to search articles.

Security 10/10

My site has been secure and I’ve never had any incidents of hacking. Considering that I hear of lots of other bloggers that have had their sites compromised, this is a huge plus.

Extra comments

Getting set up with iPage was very simple and didn’t take long to get going. As a blogger with limited programming and web design experience, I found their site very easy to use and was able to select the package I wanted and get up and going quickly. I haven’t had a single problem with them so far and won’t even consider a new provider when it’s time to renew.

Overall 10/10

My overall experience with iPage has been great. I don’t have to worry about anything with them which makes my work much easier. I don’t have to think about them at all, which is a great thing.

iPage Review

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