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Review By Andrea Callahan

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1. What kind of hosting plan do you have?

I am currently have the VPS service with Just Host.

This Virtual Private Server solution is built on powerful cloud technology VPS is a bit more expensive than their regular hosting package, because I run several heavily populated sites it is worth the additional money.

Right now, I have the Standard package for the investment of $29.99 per month. For the technichal details: I get dual CPU core, 2GB RAM, 30GB of SAN storage; 1TB of monthly network bandwith.

This package also provides 1 free domain with access to not only a standard cPanel but also the WHM with Root.

Finally, it does provide a dedicated IP.

2. How long have you been with JustHost?

I have been hosting with them since 2009.

3. Approximately how much traffic do you get per month?


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4. Who was your previous host? How would you compare them to your current one?

I started in February 2006 with Hostway. They were great in the beginning. They had simple and easy to use site-builder that was perfect for me as a newbie.

They had a great support staff but I had problems with hacking several times. Someone would type in my web address and be redirected to radical bloodshed filled images of a anti government movement.

After the third time, I started looking for a new web-hosting home.

Before Just Host, I was with Hostgator very briefly, at the time they did not offer user a flexible site-builder. As my skills developed, I wanted more control over the look and feel of my website.

Just Host was offered a win-win for me. They offered 24/7 technical support – which I used my fair share. I had unlimited email, data transfer, hosting space and domain hosting.

The various site-builders were useful but once I tried WordPress, I never looked back. I have used the other free platforms to host a membership, course and FAQ site – Moodle & Tikiwiki for examples.

Just Host was a winning option because I as learned and developed my websites, they had the solution to keep up with my level of expertise.

The Review

Reliability 10/10

In the almost 6 years I have been with them, I had one incident with their servers.


Right now I do have all the features I need. If I need others, I am not aware of them so I am good. Just Host has a user friendly cPanel as well as a system that walks you through the steps to get up and running easily. They also have a database of tutorials that are amazing.

My favorite feature about Just Host is their extraordinary tech support team. I have called them at 3:00 in the morning because I had a bright idea to install something new or move a site. I can’t tell you how many hours I have cashed in with their support team.

They are friendly, knowledgeable and almost as important, they are patient.

When I switched my hosting to VPS the tech support agent, Mike spent an hour with me teaching me how to navigate all the powerful functions of my new service.

He explained everything I needed to know to maximize the service as well as what areas were a complete No-No without help from them. 🙂


For me, I consider any investment in my business a worthy one. I am comfortable with the price-point considering all the functions and flexibility I have with my plan.

Besides, the free Google and Facebook coupons they gave me paid for a couple of months.

Technical Support

I don’t mind circling back to rave about their great technical support team at all! I can’t recall a time when I called tech support and they told me they couldn’t help me.

With the VPS service, I receive a dedicated line that cuts down my wait time.

For issues that don’t need immediate attention, I put in a support ticket or email support. I always get an immediate return email and they work with me until my issue is resolved.


I received valuable lessons early on from my previous hosting company and Just Host has also supplied me with more options to keep my account protected. The tips and strategies they are provide are immeasurable.

They also offer Spam Assassin protection to protect your email accounts.

Extra Comments

I would like for them to offer better email hosting solutions. I have to pay for Google Apps for Business to manage my business email.

Of course, Just Host gives you a discount for new clients.

Overall Experience 9/10

My overall scale with Just Host is 9. Highly recommended.

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