Kadence Child Theme Tutorial: A Look Into Editing Pages and Blocks

Putting your best foot forward is important, especially when it comes to your website. Kadence child theme tutorials provide website creators an easy way to navigate WordPress and give their audience the best. Editing pages and blocks are easy-peasy as long as you have the determination and patience to make it happen.

Editing Pages Is As Easy As This

Kadence child theme offers creators the flexibility and convenience of customizing their website to their liking. Creators can easily edit their website pages by heading to their pages and selecting which one to customize. The customizer is every creator’s best friend because of its easy-to-use functions and abundance of styling options. As a result, by simply clicking on any element on the page, you can add images, write content, and add icons. This is all while fully customizing the way your website looks. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

As you work your way through making an aesthetically pleasing and content-filled website, you can also accidentally delete a block, section, or page in your website. But no worries! The Theme Block Collections provide creators an easier way to retrieve deleted sections, copy & paste sections to multiple pages, and save sections for future purposes. 

It is important to realize that one of the most substantial parts of any website is the blog. Editing the blog page can be done through appearance > customize > blog > post page layout > archive layout. You can now personalize your blog page’s display with numerous options to change design, layout, and fonts, among others. This is also similar to the single post layout, which can be found at appearance > customize > blog > post page layout > single post layout. Lastly, you can also do this for the sidebar; head back over to your customizer > widgets > sidebar 1

Everyone likes those little details that go with designing a website. So, let’s add a little flair to our blog titles. You can mix and match different font styles by typing “/advanced” on the text area> selecting advanced text > typing your title > highlight the word/s you want to change the font style > click drop-down > highlight > highlight settings (sidebar) > change the highlight color > choose a font from the font family. In effect, you have an attractive two-font title.

Spicing things up even further by adding a color background to your text. Highlight a word you want > click drop-down > highlight > highlight settings (sidebar) > change the highlight background > save changes > preview to see. Next, highlight the entire title > click the drop-down > highlight, and there you have it! Now you have a stunning colored background on your text. 

A website blog page contains hundreds if not thousands of consumable content, each different, although connected by the same category. It is easier for audiences to search for relatable content by showing them blog categories immediately. In the customizer, select the post block you want to be followed by the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner. You can now choose filter by a category, and pick any category you want.


Wanting to have a clean and cohesive website? You can easily copy and paste sections of your webpage to ensure the same structure throughout your page. Simply click the part you want to copy > copy style > scroll to where you want to paste it > paste style. Voila! You’re done.

Copying and pasting sections across your web pages can be tiresome. Although, there is a much easier way to achieve this. Go to pages > select any page > edit > click any section on the page > click the three dots > copy > go to your destination page > paste/ctrl + v.

The same goes for copying and pasting pages. Head to the page you want to copy, then click the three dots on the upper right corner > copy all content > go back > add new page > past/ctrl + v.

You can also easily duplicate any sections by clicking the three dots and selecting duplicate. Now, you have an easier alternative to the dreaded mundane task. 

Forming Bonds with Contact Forms

Most themes have a contact us page once the theme is activated and there’s a way to personalize this as well. Using form blocks, an abundance of Kadence tutorials will guide you through the smooth process. Under the title, add a form and you’ll automatically have the default name, email, and message. The sidebar of your form has several customization options ready for you. In line with this, you can add a field if you’re seeking more information from your audience. As mentioned numerous times, customization comes with experimentation with the styling options available.

Setting Things Right With Your Kadence Child Theme Website

An eye-pleasing website is great partnered with impeccable content, but ensuring this stays well put is making sure that your WordPress settings are on the right track. The global page settings allow you to set the same setup throughout your web pages. You can find this at appearance > customize > page layout.

If you’re looking to customize some of the pages because of their uniqueness compared to the rest, no problem. You can customize bits and pieces of pages using the customizer. This way, you can still personalize your web pages which is much easier to do with your Kadence child theme activated.

Speaking of personalizing your web pages, custom CSS styles add that flair to your already stunning website. Depending on your branding, hundreds of custom CSS styles are available to you like using script on your font style, adding borders to your images, and fixing the alignment of your text among others.

Not everyone is knowledgeable about website creation, design, and maintenance, but that’s alright. Brand Glow Up will help turn your website dream into a reality. We offer a wide range of services catering to clients of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to make sure your brand glows up with us.

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