Kadence Tutorial: Customizing Like A Pro

The rise of Kadence themes on WordPress is due to its functionality and ease of use. Kadence tutorials help beginners and exports explore the fascinating features that the theme has to offer. Additionally, the Kadence child theme allows website creators to fully customize the entirety of their website without compromising the perks of the Kadence theme.

Personalize Your Website with Kadence Tutorials

There are several ways to customize your web page on WordPress, especially tailor-fitting it using the customizer. This is actually the feature that helps creators play around with different styles, from color palettes to buttons to fonts to headers and more. With Kadence tutorials, creators are finding it so much easier to customize their website to their branding.

Creating a beautiful website starts with editing and customizing how your page looks. Whenever downloading a theme, there are sets of options readily available for creators to choose from. It is usually only a matter of branding and aesthetic purposes that customization comes to play. Creators can easily edit their pages by clicking on pages on their WordPress dashboard, selecting a page, and clicking edit. The customizer will appear, which shows creators which parts of the page they can edit out. Likewise, the customizer helps creators edit out sections, pages, or categories depending on their needs. 

Most creators add content as soon as they start editing their page since it is time efficient. Another perk to adding content while editing is seeing how it all ties together and making the necessary adjustments at the same time.

Once creators familiarize themselves with the options and functionalities available on their dashboard, web creating is much easier.

Blog Page, Single Post, and Sidebar

Blog pages are regarded as the posting page on any website, so the blog page should have the posting page beside it. But editing this page is futile if it is not done on the customizer since this is an archive page. As mentioned above, the customizer allows creators to freely customize their pages according to their preferences, and the blog page is no different.

Go to Customizer > Post Page Layout > Archive Layout.

In this feature, creators can play around with the design template of their blog page, from the title header to archive layout to color palettes and more. 

The single post page has a bit more variety when it comes to design options, in comparison to the blog page. Titles have more flexibility as well as their feature image, layouts, and sidebars can also be interchanged, among other features. Creators can try out the different options depending on branding and aesthetics. 

Now, let’s talk about the sidebar. Go back to your customizer > general > sidebar. Here, creators can see the editing options available like its sidebar width, widget spacing, and background color, amongst others. 

Adding content to your sidebar can be done when you go to customizer > widgets > sidebar 1. You can click on the available sections to adjust the content according to your liking. You can also add sections to your sidebars, such as paragraphs and headings.

Customized Add-Ons With Kadence Tutorials

Another advantage to using the Kadence child theme is adding your custom fonts without a font plugin. But wait! Here are a few things you’ll need to achieve this:

  1. Access to your web files.
  2. The Webfont(s) you want to add either in .woff and .woff2 format.

Don’t forget to disable the font on your computer to make sure that once you’ve uploaded it to your website, you’re aware of any dilemmas that come with it.

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide to adding custom fonts to your Kadence Child Theme:

  1. Open and navigate your theme folder.
  2. Create your fonts folder.
  3. You can also create web fonts if you don’t have .woff and .woff2 formatted fonts.
  4. Add custom fonts to the fonts folder.
  5. Add font-face CSS to the editor backend.
  6. Add font-face CSS to the style.css
  7. Add custom hooks to the functions.php
  8. After completing the previous steps, clear your cache and test your fonts.

For a detailed step-by-step tutorial, watch Hearten Made’s video.

Creators who are already familiar with the workarounds of WordPress understand the importance of custom CSS block styles. While you’re on the block tab: element > Additional CSS Class > add CSS class. There are several different custom CSS classes, such as:

  • inside-border – creates a thin white border on the selected image.
  • image-block-border – a small white border surrounding your image.
  • image-block-border-large – a large white border is around the selected image.

There are many more custom CSS classes to add to your website and it depends on your website’s needs too. Creators take advantage of the fact that the Kadence child theme easily accepts custom CSS block styles because of its flexibility, unlike its parent themes.

Every website needs to plug its social media since it is a more direct and approachable medium to reach its audience. Most websites add their social icons on the header and footer, so audiences can easily see and connect with them. 

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header/Footer 

On-screen, you can click on any of the plus signs and click socials which will automatically display your social icons. A settings toggle will appear beside the word socials, where you can customize your social icons and connect your accounts. Familiarize yourself with the different styles and icons to personalize your social icons according to your liking.

The pro-tip any expert website creator can give is to play around with the features and explore different tutorials to elevate your website. Customization is like self-styling; mixing and matching to see what works for you. Brand Glow Up understands a brand’s need for a website makeover and can do the job just like that! 

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