8 Kick-ass Meme Websites For 2013

A meme is an internet phenomenon – it could be a catch phrase, a trending picture, or anything that provokes good laughter. Much like social trends, they spread like wildfire on social media websites, forums and all other places on the web. Good examples of meme are: Rickrolling, Nyancat (Pop Tart Cat), Rage Comics, Lolcats, and much more. But where do you find awesome memes and get the latest updates on new ones?

Here are 8 of the best meme websites and meme generators for 2013:

1. QuickMeme

QuickMeme is a meme site not just for featuring and displaying famous memes, but also user-generated memes and you can make your own one as well. Browse through the different tabs: featured, popular, random, favorites, memes and make a meme! You can also check out the most popular memes above or on the home page. There are two ways by which you can make a meme: adding a caption to a currently-existing meme, or upload your own picture and make your own meme by adding text.

2. Memebase

With its name most probably taken from the meme “All your base are belong to us”, Memebase is a meme site that is also affiliated with sites like FAIL blog and Know Your Meme (Meme Encyclopedia). It has more of a blog-like interface rather than pictures arranged in a grid. Just hover on the Memebase button on the menu and you can choose from a variety of subcategories like for trolling memes, demotivational memes, rage comics and more.

3. Meme Center

Meme Center is no doubt one of the most popular meme sites and meme-making sites on the web today. On the menu, you can choose from three different tools: MemeBuilder (for making your own or advanced memes), Gifmaker (for making animated GIFs, mostly funny ones) and Quickmeme (for easily adding captions to any memes you would like).

4. Imgur Memes Gallery

The famous image hosting site, Imgur, also has a directory that is specifically for memes as well. It also has a ‘make a meme’ feature, much like other meme sites. You can also see the top comments on the right of the page. You can sort out the memes by the following categories: popularity, newest first or high score rating.

5. Memestache

This is yet another blog-like website that hosts memes and allows you to submit your own ones as well. You can easily sort out the pictures to feature: best of the week, best of the month or best of all time. There are many categories to choose from and a random meme feature.

6. makr.io

This meme site is a little different from all other meme websites, such that it has a minimalist, multi-column and responsive website layout. The caption texts are also of different font as the normal memes and GIF images are also labeled as such to make it easier finding them.

7. MemeGenerator

Here is another popular meme site that easily allows you to add caption to a meme or create your own, right from the front page. It also displays which memes are trending depending on your current location. You can choose from Hot Memes, Top Memes or New Memes.

8. Know Your Meme

Obviously, this is THE Wikipedia of all memes, as it deliberately has all information about each and every meme that existed and allows submissions of meme articles as well (moderated, of course). Articles are classified by Confirmed, Submissions and Deadpool (outdated or dead memes).


With all of these awesome meme sites, you are sure to launch your way out of boredom and into laughter and entertainment!

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