4 Different Ways To Know If A Domain Name Is Already Registered

There are many things to think of when starting a website. Apart from looking for a good domain name, it’s also important to check of its availability.

Keep in mind that the website domain is as important as the website itself.

Owning a domain name requires you to check whether or not the domain name you want to use is still available or hasn’t been registered yet.

By performing a domain name look up, you’re also studying the possible alternatives should the domain you want to use is already registered. If it happens that the name has been registered already, you can choose to use alternative names or purchase a registered name.

When determining if a website domain is already registered, follow these steps:

1. Plan how you conduct a domain search.

It’s not difficult to search website domain availability. But it requires thorough planning. In this way, you’ll have a focus on what to look for allowing yourself to conduct a more efficient search.

When conducting domain search availability, it’s important that you also conduct forecasting. It’s a way for you to think ahead of what will be the content of your site. You also need to consider how long you’re going to use the site. It’s advisable that you produce sub-topics to further help in your domain search availability.

2. Use a web browser

You can use any web browser to help you get started with website domain search. It’s the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is enter the domain name you want to use or search. If it returns a search result that includes the domain name you want to use, then it simply means that it’s no longer available for registration.

But using a web browser for domain name search isn’t 100% accurate. It could be that a website domain isn’t being used yet or the site server is just down. The domain search result using this method may also return inaccurate searches, if the website is under construction.

3. Install a domain lookup tool

This will help you get the job done accurately. There are tons of applications out there that can help you check if a certain website domain has been registered already. But this type of tool isn’t popular. This is because it requires a fee to use or buy the program.

Some tools in this category may not always perform accurate or complete search. They may provide you with cheap and ineffective domain names.

4. Use a domain name registrar

This is an alternative route when determining a website domain’s availability. It’s free and can provide you with a complete search result. However, you have to make sure that the domain name registrar website that you want to use is a legitimate site. It means that it must have earned good reputation by implementing strict criteria in searching for domain name availability. It must have strict rules when managing website domains registered under them.

The reviews online can give you an idea of the quality of service a domain name registrar site provides. It’s important as you don’t want to use a domain registrar that you can’t rely on.

Contact The Owner

If in case the website domain you want to use is already registered, you may contact the current owner of that site. You can buy that particular domain name from the owner. Or you can also use the online auction process. If these options aren’t useful at all, you can always come up with a new website domain using the sub topics you’ve created. From there, you can choose another website domain for your company or service.

Determining if a website domain is already registered is as easy as typing in the domain name you’d like to use and click the Search button. After performing a domain search, you’re now ready to set up your new website and start promoting it online.

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