10+ Best Landscaping Website Examples & Inspirations

With several specialities further in the landscaping industry, having a good website that showcases what a business does can benefit them by nurturing quality leads. Knowing your business best and focusing on your messaging can help you curate a website that’s best for you. Without further ado, take time to check out these 10+ Best Landscaping Website Examples & Inspirations to get a few ideas on how you can best execute yours.

10+ Best Landscaping Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Exotic Garden Landscaping

Exotic Garden Landscaping Website Examples

With a unique website layout, Exotic Garden Landscaping has a showcase photo of their previous best project. This clearly communicates that their landscaping business caters to household gardens or outdoor areas. Furthermore, their navigational bar is below which goes to show that they intend to filter out the audience already and only allow potential leads who need their service to invest their time in getting to know the business.

2. Garden Builders

Garden Builders specialize in garden landscaping. This is emphasized through their montage of different garden styles potential clients may take a look at and gauge their style. Furthermore, they have sections dedicated to sharing more information about the business and spotlighting their track record. Besides this, they also have a separate showcase for the awards and acknowledgements they got over the years.

3. De Leon Landscapes

De Leon Landscaping Website Examples

A good landscaping website example, De Leon Landscape has a modern and professional appeal. Their colour-blocking layout with tones of green adds a charming take to the seemingly simple layout. They added a simple eye-catching headline with call-to-action buttons that invite site visitors to initiate interaction with the team. Moreover, their use of icons also helps make the content easy to scan and navigate information.

4. Green Options

Green Options has a premium aesthetic with a minimalist approach through subtle elements and a pop of colours. Furthermore, the call-to-action buttons are in red which is a huge contrast to the neutral colours. A section for services is also available and they listed it with bullets to ensure scannability. Besides this, photo showcases are also added to each section to support the copy.

5. My Master Plan

Masterplan Landscaping Website Examples

Another landscaping website design example you can take inspiration from, My Master Plan has an interesting copy that’s written to appeal to their target market’s problems and visions. Their minimalist and professional aesthetic sure helps them attract high-ticket projects. Additionally, they kept each section short and easy to skim through bullet points. Video promoting the business background is also embedded to enhance the website experience.

6. Mark Tessier

Mark Tessier has a stunning website layout. Their showcase lovely project snaps from the past that promote their style and what their service covers for new potential clients. Moreover, the slideshow carousel help emphasizes their flexibility and allows the audience to see if they’re a good fit without much trouble from their end. Call-to-action buttons are also added along with links to their socials.

7. Hessla

Hessla Landscaping Website

Showcasing their award-winning landscape projects in the past, Hessla took this opportunity and maximized their landing page with a carousel. Additionally, they kept it straightforward with just a menu icon you can select and explore on the upper right of the screen. Contact details along with social network links are also incorporated for easy navigation.

8. Manscapersny

Manscapersny has a minimal website that’s limited to a choice of the two cities they support. Clicking on this directs you to a landing page that’s tailor-fitted to cater to potential needs and address specific problems local to a city. Besides this, they also have a website with a showcase of projects that switch over on a loop. The menu is also located at the bottom of the page for a more immersive experience.

9. Twisted Oak

Twisted Oak Website Inspirations

With an interesting colour contrast in their visual selection, Twisted Oak sports a close-up grass lawn with bright lively green. They added a headline in modern slim font and a call-to-action button to initiate action. Furthermore, scrolling further added sections to include information about the business and services. There are also testimonials to help establish the credibility of the business further.

10. Tomlinson Bomberger

More than the usual website, Tomlinson Bomberger is a professional website for a business in the landscaping industry. They also incorporated an easy-to-accomplish form to generate more leads. Moreover, sections promoting services and exclusive offers are also included for more content. Call-to-action buttons are also included in each section to also encourage action.


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