Launching A New Brand Design: How Branding Can Make A Powerful First Impression

Before launching a new website, there is one question that always comes to our mind.

– What does really matter?

This is specifically in terms of quality because we all know when we are able to deliver top-notch quality, our competitors keep decreasing.

There are a few elements with which you can ensure the success of your launch. They are your quality, proper navigation, better customer reach, and customer relationship.

However, rather than focusing on these different angles of success separately, you can make your name a success. Then the brand drives the customer.

But, the popularity of the brand doesn’t come easy. There is a steller work that goes behind this branding process, and one of them would be launching a new design for your company.

A new look!

So, are you launching a new brand design? Here is how it can help you make a powerful first impression and what are the ‘new market’ tricks you can follow for your website branding.

Making Phenomenal First Impressions

Launching your first website?

Great! You have already marked the way to your branding success. Now, it is all about finding the right website and logo designing company and creating a brand that is loved by your viewers.

Note that a good website can make or break your SEO by increasing your conversion rate or increasing your bounce rate. So, be very careful when you select your first website designing company.

They should understand your vision and mission. Plus, have a passion for achieving such. At Percept, we offer you not just excellent designs but also a team of enthusiasts you are willing to listen to and understand your branding requirements.

How A Good Brand Design Is Giving Excellent First Impression

Here are the different ways in which a good website means great branding!

  • Your Brand Is Now Recognisable: Have you ever wondered why logo branding is so important? It is because your logo is your brand’s identity. Big brands like KFC, Starbucks, and McDonald’s have branded their logo with such excellence that people can name these brands without even looking at the logo. That is how good of an impression logo branding can make.
  • Makes You The Authority Of Your Niche: Now, what is exactly the meaning of being the authority in the niche? In simple words, whenever your niche comes up, your brand’s name is the first thing in your customer’s mind. This level of supremacy over your competitors can only be achieved when your design customization is top-notch.
  • Brand Can Help You Expand: With individual niches like just targeting social media or just working on your PR skills will only help you target one market at a time. However, when you have a strong brand, you already have a major name that carries all the other elements. Expansion from a small business to a big one becomes much more streamlined with this integration.

How To Make That Good Impression!

We have already talked about integrating all the aspects of marketing and incorporating them into your ‘brand.’

But, how are we going to make it possible? By having a brand design that is recognizable by all. So, no matter if they find you through social media or a Youtube advertisement, they know it’s you.

1. Get A ‘Head Turner’ Branding Logo

A brand logo is the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear your name, so make it a good one. Creating a logo that is making website visitors turn their heads and stop to analyze the creativity is the kind of energy that you want for your branding.

For that, you need a design team that has a unique vision, and they should be able to deliver you something way ahead of your competitors. The key term over here is ‘unique’. Follow that, and you will have your logo.

2. Your Branding Website Is Everything

If the logo is for that phenomenal recognition, your branding website is for that excellent impression. Remember, it is not just about the quality information they receive; it is also about the aesthetic and the visual pleasure.

Even as internet users ourselves, we love to visit a website that has a subtle uniformity and is pleasing to the eyes. So, brand designers also have to attract them through patterns, icons, and illustrations along with the content.

3. Represent your brand at trade shows uniquely

Launching a new brand design is an exciting opportunity to showcase your business’s uniqueness and the values that they hold. But in a world where competition is fierce, making a powerful first impression can be the key to success. That’s why creative and attention-grabbing branding solutions like inflatables and digital banners are essential tools for representing your brand at trade shows. Inflatables used for advertising offer an engaging and memorable way to attract potential customers with their bright colors and unique designs, while digital banners allow you to tell your brand’s story and showcase your products and services with striking visuals and messaging.

4. Memories Through Merchandise

Merchandises are a little underrated in the brand design business, but they also lay a very significant role in creating a mark in your viewer’s mind. This is also a branding strategy where you can integrate Public relations.

You can expand your reach through design branding by selling this merchandise. Or, you can use social media as an excellent weapon to hold live sessions or light-hearted competitions through stories where you can give away this merchandise.

A good logo and great words of company wisdom could go a long way for branding design.

5. Unique Email Signature

Email marketing is making a comeback. This is because of the personal connectivity that it induces with your potential customer. Getting a unique email from the company makes the viewer feel important.

But why just stop at unique messaging when you can have a unique signature as well. This is another design branding strategy that can make our customers remember you.

6. Have A Colour & Font

Having a certain aesthetic for your branding design will not only give your customers something uniform and creative to look at, but it will also set the mood of the market. Over here, we are talking about the market that you are targeting.

After having a thorough discussion with your brand designers, you can understand the psychology of your target audience and decide upon a colour or font which can help attract them.

7. Have An Brand Avatar

Brand aviators have a good ROI at the moment. In terms of branding design, there could be nothing more unique than having a company avatar. A cartoon figure which is exclusive to your company.

With this, you are giving your viewers something different from your competitors to remember you. You can have this avatar pop up on social media from time to time and convey messages like a representative.

8. Printing & Packaging

You might think it is a small detail, but this small detail can do great wonders for your design branding. Although the packaging is something that doesn’t have a long-term use physically, it can have one emotionally.

A good package always gives a great impression. Yes, the quality of the product will also matter, but the design of the packaging can make the order again.

The Way They Remember You!

What is design branding if not a way for your viewers to remember you? Now, some might think that getting more website traffic gives a better impression. But, you decide what is more important.

Have people just visited your website once and forgotten you?


Have they remembered you, even if they visited you once?

If your answer is the first one, you will need a powerful brand design.

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