10+ Best Law Firm Website Examples & Inspirations

Building a law firm website can be harder than expected. Because of the industry’s serious and professional manner, it’s hard to stand out from other firms and steer away from the norm. However by paying attention to subtle details and maximizing opportunities, one can create a presence online that converts and helps you achieve your goals. With that in mind, here are 10+ Best Law Firm Website Examples & Inspirations you can visit for ideas. Visit here for more information on how to market your law firm.

10+ Best Law Firm Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Gecic Law

Gecic Law Firm Website Examples

With a panoramic time-lapse clip on its landing page, Gecic Law intends to impress and capture the full attention of the site visitor. Their website may be traditional and stiff in a way but their attention to detail is as impressive as ever. They added a top navigational bar for quick links and ensured that call-to-action buttons were placed strategically in each section. They also included statistics and new clippings to assert their expertise in the field they’re specializing in.

2. Taylor Janis

Quite a contrast from the previous website, Taylor Janis has a minimalist and clean law firm website. They kept a plain white background which helped create a spotlight for the web copy. Furthermore, the website also has different sections available to give more information about the business and ensure it communicates what it can deliver. Besides these, they also dedicated a section for their office location and contact details.

3. BKLW Law

BKLW Law Firm Website

Sleek and professional, BKLW Law is one of the best law firm website examples you can dedicate your time to. Their website may be moody because of their use of dark colours but at the same time, delivered it with such sophistication. Moreover, their website is focused to highlight their team and building rapport so the potential client may get comfortable and trust the firm.

4. Friedlander Miser

Friedlander Miser is a straightforward law firm website that spotlights the services they deliver along with the team’s track record. The website loads impressively fast — mainly because of its neat fuss-free design. Quite simple, they ensured to have a menu bar on top to encourage smooth navigation along with a search bar in case the client is looking for specific information.

5. Vogel

Vogel Law Firm Website Examples

With a modern website look, Vogel incorporated a carousel website banner showcasing different graphics that align with their communication strategy. Furthermore, call-to-action buttons are available in each section. They also added a plug-in featuring their Google Reviews statistics and partners on the bottom part of the page. For more information about their services, you can simply hover over the Expertise button and it’ll show a list of all their services.

6. FBG Law

FBG Law is another best law firm websites you can check out. Their website used a professional and authoritative colour palette which helps establish their tenure and expertise in the industry. Besides this, their copy is written in a narrative form which highlights the firm’s history and success over the years. Sections are also added showcasing their team and services offered.

7. Struble

Struble Law Firm Website Examples

Quite curated and well-thought, Struble clearly communicates who they cater to in the industry — families. They added an image of the family to invoke emotions from potential clients who go through hardships in this aspect. Hand in hand with their web copy, they added call-to-action buttons to encourage the audience to take action and inquire to the team.

8. Forman Watkins

With a calming image of nature, Forman Walkins is trying to trigger hope in dire times. Their colour palette is more in tones of blue which communicates peace, calmness, and security in colour psychology. Moreover, they prepared well-written copies along with a list of their satellite offices to establish the areas they cater in.

9. Stanchieri

Stanchier Law Firm Website Examples

Stanchieri is another law firm website example to take inspiration from. They used a red accent which stands out from their black-and-white website design. The text transition of keywords also helps instantly communicate what and who they help — families. Scrolling further allows you to see their sections which elaborate on what the firm offers as help.

10. Rinehardt Law

Emphasizing their team, Rinehardt Law has a modern professional website template. They used images of their team to smoothly introduce them and encourage rapport with the audience. This can be helpful in winning over their trust and showing authenticity. Furthermore, a chat plug-in was also incorporated to attend to real-time queries.


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