How To Leave A Group Conversation On Facebook

Facebook is regarded as the largest platform of social networking and it has gone down to the fullest throttle in achieving this title, as it is able to render more than what is needed for socializing.

The group conversations feature of Facebook is another milestone, because with the help of this facility, you will be able to add friends in a group thread and everyone can chat at once through this option. You can share and can get to know things from them much easily.

However, a problem with this feature is that anyone can add you, and you will get involved in the chat directly without your confirmation. There are cases that you might not be interested in that discussion but as you are added beforehand, you are getting the messages in your inbox.

This may turn out to be very frustrating as your inbox is getting flooded with unwanted messages. Therefore, it is better to get out of those group conversations as soon as possible. This article will show some easy steps and if followed accordingly, you will get out of the group conversation in no time.


  1. When you are added to a group conversation, the messages pop up in a chat screen from below. On top-right part of that chat box, there are some buttons. The second one is marked with a wheel and it is known as the ‘options’ button. Click it.
  2. A sub menu will be shown and from there, click on ‘leave conversation’ which is at the last of the list.

You have now left the conversation and will not get any messages from this conversation afterwards.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Facebook messaging options are well upgraded thus it meets with the requirements that are needed for a better quality of networking. You can message your group of friends all at once whatever your purpose may be, with the help of this group-messaging feature.

When you want to share your thought, it is not possible for you to go out there and shout it out loud to gather an audience. Walking up to everyone individually just to share your ideas is impossible either. This is where Facebook kicks in as they have created one of the best group-messaging options out there.

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