5 Of The Most Beautiful Letterpress Wedding Invitations

One of the most exquisite but challenging ways to make wedding invitations is by letterpress. It involves delicately pressing material onto paper as a printing technique, and had been used for centuries since printing was first used. Today, it is still being used for invitations and the like. But what makes a great letterpress invitation? Here in this article, we are going to showcase some handpicked designs.

List of beautiful examples of wedding letterpress invitations

Here is a list of 5 elegantly-designed wedding invitations using the letterpress technique:

Andrew & Aly’s Wedding Invitations by Seth Nickerson

If you want a minimalistic approach on letterpress and wedding designs, then this one is for you. The colors and designs are simple but very cute. Fabric envelopes were also used to close in the invitation, which is a great idea if you want to use recycled materials. The typefaces are also neatly designed.

A Family Grows in Brooklyn – Save the Date by Kimberly Munn

This is a unique yet beautiful letterpress wedding invitation design, as it has the map of the location of the wedding, with much more details below. The places here actually show the couple’s memorable places, so if you have those, you can put them in as well.

Mimosa by Bella Figura

Here is a more oriental-themed wedding invitation made from letterpress. It is quite simple but elegant at the same time. As with most letterpress works, it is also scented and the colors and fonts can be customized to the client(s)’s desire.

T & J Wedding Invite by Inksurge

If you are looking for a nature-themed or eco-friendly design, then this is a good one for you. Its theme is a Banyan tree, which is probably a native tree in Indonesia. The art is very detailed and the invitation even comes with a handy eco-friendly bag.

Rosecliff by Bella Figura (Darcy Sang)

This is a much more formal design, if you are looking for one. The color scheme and the text designs are specifically designed for formal occasions and are very stylish.


Beauty in designing could not be achieved without hard work and the necessary techniques and ideas. So if you are looking for inspirations, check out these beautiful letterpress wedding invitation examples we have shown you!

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