10 Best Lightroom Presets for Photographers

Lightroom presets are truly lifesavers for aspiring and professional photographers. It not only makes photos better but the app itself is a gift from the heavens. Tweaking the colour profiles can add more drama or change a photo’s vibe. What’s even greater with Lightroom is the app allows you to save presets that you can collect and use repeatedly. With presets, the possibilities are endless so we rounded us the 10 best Lightroom Presets for Photographers that you can check out.

10 Best Lightroom Presets for Photographers

1. 10 Indie Film Lightroom Presets

indie film lightroom presets

Great for street lifestyle portraits, Indie FIlm Lightroom Presets wows us by adding a grungy vibe with an emphasis on black tones. Beyond this, the preset also includes a background brightening and warm aspects. Coming with 10 Indie Lightroom presets, these can also already save you a lot of time for adding that touch of drama and mysteriousness with a few taps.

2. Wedding And Romance Collection

Fall in love with rosy, rustic, and romantic Lightroom presets perfect for your wedding clients.  BeArt Presets deliver a Wedding and Romance Collection set that you can use as much as possible for stunning edits. Great for sets with blooms and nature, the colour would naturally pop out through the brightening and whimsical effect of the presets. Truly a fantastic deal, each comes with 40 presets to explore.

3. Wedding COllection

wedding presets for lightroom

Adding a sophisticated touch to wedding photos, the Wedding Collection from BeArt Presets allows you to play around with the brightness of white and use it as a canvas for that pop of colour of the environment, blooms, or others. They also work on adding a warm and orangey tone to the photo, making it more dreamy yet romantic still. Each bundle also includes 50 Lightroom presets along with a bunch of Lightroom brushes, Camera RAW presets and more.

4. Kodachrome

Rooted in our childhood, Kodachrome is another of the best Lightroom Presets for Photographers that you can check out online. It adds age through fine grain and the sharpness of analogue cameras. This preset brings us back to the time and depicts a seemingly scanned film output. There are a couple of variations you can explore. There are those with bright orange and teal combinations, dark and less saturated outputs, and the last one with green undertones.

5. Pastel Collection

pastel collection lightroom preset

Pastel Collection keeps the shots bright and soft. Perfect for outdoor nature shots, this preset tone down the colours and adds an enchanted sense to photos. Moreover, this also looks fantastic on shoots with colourful flowers allowing you to add a coldness yet comfortable at the same time.  The presets also mostly have a peach to warm orange wash over the photos which allows you to come up with something cosy.

6. Maternity Collection

Add depth and elevate your maternity shots with 40 preset options in BeArt Preset’s Maternity Collection. This set includes 45 presets to explore, 48 toolkits, and more. Furthermore, there are different moods and tones to choose from since the bundle includes both cool and warm options. You can also explore dark contrasts, ethereal shots with a bright and airy colour balance, and more.

7. G-Presets Pack 04

g presets pack

Fall in love with warm, deeper and sunset tones with G-Presets Pack 04. One of the best Lightroom Presets you can explore, this pack also allows you to play around with the evergreen concept of the golden hour. Furthermore, this includes 22 presets including 12 colours, 2 black and white options, and 8 tools presets. This is perfect not only for wedding couple shoots but also for lifestyle and portrait as well.

8. Heck Yeah Bright

Never go wrong with Heck Yeah Bright Preset. Similarly to the others, this preset helps you save time with editing and still delivery fantastic photos that are bright and lively. With 5 presets to explore, you can also get a cleaner or deeper preset that would be flexible enough however the photo was taken. This bundle also includes a couple of grain effects too.

9. PBX Preset

meridian presets

PBX Preset is another Lightroom Preset worth checking out. This bundle includes 24 warm and dramatic options to explore which gives more life to your photos while at the same time, adding emphasis to the mood you’re going for. Truly enough, you can further customize the presets with tools available for your use to add grains, contrasts, and more too. Definitely warm, the preset has high contrast in orange and reddish tones.

10. Signature Style Portrait Presets

Simple yet straightforward, Signature Style Portrait Presets may come in a smaller bundle with only 8 Lightroom Presets available but they cover the barest and most intimate colour tweak possible. Within the 8 presets, there is a black and white option, soft light, creamy, clean, and more options to explore.


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