Lights, Camera, Growth. How Video Production can Skyrocket your Business!

Bringing in a video production company to work on promotional and marketing items for your business can help it reach the next level. Think about the potential of your business and then consider how the use of energetic, innovative, and creative video can be used to maximise that potential and push the boundaries beyond what you thought possible. Creating informative video content that promotes your business in the right way, pushes clear messages to the target audience you are attempting to entice, and making sure it is fresh and consistent, will go a long way to helping your business be successful.

The way in which consumers take in advertising has shifted in recent years, with video content engaged with on a much higher percentage than it was previously. People now access marketing and advertising through their phones, on social media channels, radio and television still play a big part, as does physical advertising in some cases and on a local level. There are so many different ways in which you can promote your business to new and existing customers, and video provides a way to be creative, memorable, and innovative.

What are the main benefits of hiring a video production company to boost your brand?

Boost traffic

If you are looking to boost traffic to your company website, a well-placed, well-made marketing video could boost traffic and leads. Including video production as part of your marketing plans is imperative, as it can bring in a much larger share of traffic to your site when compared to purely text and traditional methods. The more time a person spends on your site and clicking through to where you want them to be, the better your chance of accruing genuine leads and potential future sales.

Create clarity of brand voice

Confusing brand messages make a business stand still, or even move backwards. Creating a clear brand voice is important for all aspects of your marketing and content, and video production is a fantastic way to get this across to your target market. You want to be authentic to your company, original in what you produce, and relatable to the customers you wish to attract. A clever promotional video, informative instructional videos, and other snippets of video content can provide a broad overview of your company values, whilst showing behind the scenes and what makes your company tick.

Attract a much larger audience

More people than ever before are looking at video content. There is no better way to generate traffic and to attract a much larger audience to your website, landing page, or wherever you want the clicks to lead. Posting and promoting creative video content on your social media channels, such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, will help to push your videos into the consciousness of a larger number of people, leading to a much greater potential of leads and interest in your company, its products and services, and a wider recognition and positive perception of your brand.

Create a buzz with creative video content

Great video production is all about creating a compelling story. Building a brand should be about telling your authentic story, and doing so in a way that engages and informs. Visual content that creates a buzz is a fantastic way to draw in an audience and keep them checking back for more. We’ve all got our favourite TV adverts from the past, and in recent years you’ve seen video trends on TikTok that create a buzz and get everyone talking. If you can harness the creativity and message you are trying to convey, with video that speaks to the heart of the viewer and gets them excited, you’re onto a winner.

Build a positive SEO ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key in ranking your company website. There are so many ways to do this, from both on-site and off-site methods for the website itself, but did you know that video can also play a key part? By publishing exciting video content that engages with users and makes them stick around, on a consistent basis, will help your website and pages to rise up the Google search rankings. Video content when combined with an overarching SEO strategy can become a key component and a powerful tool. Including different types of video content helps with this approach, so include straight up promotions, explainer videos, tutorials, Q&A content, ‘Meet the team’ videos, time-lapse videos, and just fun, creative, and engaging video content that gets people watching, clicking, and returning.

Creating a clear voice is important for any business. Threading this clarity of voice and vision throughout your advertising and marketing offerings is a clear way to embrace relationships with customers, to build a strong brand, and to entice the right customers to your business and to push your services and products. It can be difficult to balance all aspects to make sure the message is a good one, and with key creative input from a video production company with the skills and experience you are looking for, your business can soon benefit, skyrocketing to success as you reach the potential you’ve always had.

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