Liking A Facebook Page Via Mobile Text

There’s a variety of ways to like a page on Facebook- via News feed story, friend’s timeline, ad, sponsored story or Facebook search. Now, there’s an easier way to like the page without having to go online. Fans can now like or join your Facebook fan page via text message. So what’s the advantage of this feature? As a business page owner, you can incorporate this in the offline promotion of your page. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to do that.


  1. Make sure to setup your mobile phone’s Facebook mobile text feature to send and receive texts to and from Facebook. To do this, send the text message fb to 32665 or the alternate number for your country. You may find the list of text numbers for different countries from this link
  2. Identify the user name of the Facebook page.
  3. Text like and the user name of the facebook page then send it to 32665 or the alternate number of your country. For example, if you wish to like the fan page of Louis Vuitton, simply text like LouisVuitton.

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