Three Simple Steps To Like A Photo On Instagram Through Your Computer

Instagram is one of the most popular social media today. Its primary playing card is PHOTOS. So if you want to share your photos, then Instagram is best choice for you.

Even if you do not have an Instagram account, you might have already seen its famous icon, the brown camera with pretty strips of colors on its upper left corner. Instagram has photo filters that enable you to add layered effects on your photo, giving it a professional touch.

At the first year of Instagram, it immediately received high ratings which are followed by millions of users. Though Instagram is only available in iOS (and recently Android), it has reached over 50 million active users worldwide.

Facebook notice Instagram’s success and immediately bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars! Talk about instant success.

Well, enough about that. I am here to teach you how to like photo in Instagram, more particularly when using a desktop computer. You might be used to in accessing Instagram in your smartphone but never in desktop computers. Thus,

here are some steps on how to like a photo in Instagram through your computer.

Step 1: Log on your Instagram account (create an account if you don’t have one).

Step 2: Select a photo. Once you logged on your Instagram account, you will be led to the home feed where all the recent activities of your friends or those people whom you followed are posted.

Step 3: Hit the heart-shaped icon at the right side of the picture. This is one of the main differences with mobile Instagram and desktop Instagram. In mobile, you will find the heart-shaped icon at the bottom of the photo. You can also “like” the photo by just doing a double-tap on the picture.

These are the three simple steps to like a photo in Instagram. If you decided later that you do not like the photo, you can just click the heart-shaped icon again. Once you “like” the photo, the owner of the photo will be notified about your like even if you “unlike” the photo afterwards.

“Liking” a photo is not only to let the owner of the photo that you like the post but it is a way that you can connect with your friends and be notified for any activity related to that photo. This way, if there is a comment or someone else liked the photo, you will also know and check it out yourself.

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