10 Logo Inspirations For Travel And Tourism

Travel and tourism are fields that require a lot of visual technique and catchy imagery to attract customers and to ensure that their company upholds the best and highest of standards. This is why the logo of a travel company should be attractive and unique. In this article, we will give you some creativity boost by showing some logo inspirations pertaining to travel and tourism.

List of Logo Inspirations for Travel and Tourism

1. Buben Travel

The logo of this travel agency is nicely done. The typeface alignment is excellent and the 3D rounded pentacle with vibrant dashes of yellow and pink mixing together to form a passionate array of colors. The background is in purple and the text is in light and slightly darker shades of pink.

2. Travel Log

This particular logo took the word ‘log’ literally by having small airplanes revolve around a piece of wooden log in vector fashion – a very creative piece of work and a great inspirational material. The airplanes neatly display the “Travel Log” banners.

3. Destination Philippines

For those seeking out Asian country inspirations such as the Philippines, here is a particularly cool design. It involves a volcano, a boat and a whole atmosphere that fits the country’s image. The logo pretty much showcases the natural beauty of the Philippines.

4. Travel Planet

This is a neat travel logo that makes the use of a traveling suitcase in cyan color with the map of the world as if making the impression that it’s the world itself. The suitcase even has a lime green name tag on the handle, and the typography is excellent.

5. BTravel

Here is yet another cool and creative logo design. It turned the capital B into a hand luggage in a creative way, in white typography on an orange background. You can bet B stands for “business” and this is a great inspiration for business travel companies

6. Dubai Travels Guide

Having a green, white and orange color scheme, the letters DTG were transformed creatively into a man riding a bicycle, with his head seems to be used as a center for a compass (notice one of the arrows pointing to North).

7. FrRus

This creative logo design shows how an Eiffel Tower was built using blue stickmen. This visualization may represent that the company has teamwork and upholds unity for their customers. The logo is client work for a company that organizes French student tours.

8. Auro Travels

This travel logo design depicts the destination hopping in the form of a capital letter A, coupled with the company’s name on a light blue background. The foreground colors of the text and logo components are subtle whites, yellows and browns.

9. Bestifare

This logo has some really fiery color combinations. The wings have a nicely-blended set of colors: yellow-orange, magenta and sky blue. The text is of dark magenta color. The letter ‘i’ is also of a lighter shade to highlight it from the rest.

10. Falcon Travel

The color schemes are exactly as a real falcon’s. Not only that, the capital letter ‘F’ is also put to play here – a vector falcon becomes the letter F in the logo, using its wings at the first two strokes and the head and body as the stem.


If you are running out of creative juice on designing a logo for a client or company that requires travel and tourism designs, well look no further. These designs are sure to set your artistic fuel ablaze and get you started and motivated. Share this with your friends, especially designers who are looking for or needing some travel logo inspiration.

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