15+ Logo Examples of Insurance Agent Companies

In any business, coming up with a good logo can be a struggle. Behind this seemingly small icon lies a life-long commitment and promise you’ll need to build on moving forward. More than a representation of your brand, this logo becomes you — the business and everything it lives for. Now, to get your creative juices flowing and ease your anxiety, we rounded up these 15+ Logo Examples of Insurance Agent Companies that you can get inspiration from and use as a reference.

15+ Logo Examples of Insurance Agent Companies

1. Cornerstone

Cornerstone Logo Examples of Insurance Agent

With a wonderful allusion to buildings and insurance, Cornerstone is someone you can depend on. More than the choice of brand name, they also made an extra effort to come up with a boxed monogram in blue. This choice of colour actually communicates security, trustworthiness, and confidence in psychology. Hand in hand with its brand name, Cornerstone is truly nothing but dependable.

2. Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Logo Examples of Insurance Agent

Their choice of gold and navy blue in their logo and branding communicates experience and credibility. With gold also signifying wealth, this sure goes well with what services Sun Life Financial offers. Moreover, the choice of font is more on the traditional side which also implies how long they were already in the business. They also added a sun icon with grids (the world we live in) that might also communicate that they shine light upon the lives of people.

3. Golden Eagle Insurance

Golden Eagle Logo Examples of Insurance Agent

With the eagle symbolizing courage, immortality, and strength, Golden Eagle Insurance sure got your back regarding life’s low points. They have yellow gold and purple in their logo which communicates regalness and wealthiness too. Adding text as well next to the logo allows people to easily associate the logo with the services they offer.

4. Prudential


Prudential‘s logo is one of the best examples you can refer to. Their choice to go with blue communicates authority in a more caring way. Moreover, their logo also includes an image of a mountain slope which displays that they’ve been on top and you can be too — with them.

5. Progressive

Progressive Insurance Logo

Keeping it simple, Progressive is all about wordplay and whatever comes along with progress. Though only in text, they played around with it a bit and made it italic. Leaning towards the right signals progress and movement.

6. Aegis

Aegis Logo Insurance Agents

With the use of blue and grey, Aegis wants people to let them know that they’re all about security. Hand in hand with this intent, they also added a shield icon that can visually communicate security in life’s unforeseen events.

7. Empire Life

Empire Life Insurance Logo Examples

Understanding that in life, we coexist to better each other’s life. Empire Life crafted their logo to better represent that though life goes in a circle, there are ones who can add a bit of colour and change yours for the better. Their choice of green as well communicates wealth and is paired with blue for trustworthiness.

8. Heritage Insurance

Heritage Logo Examples of Insurance Agent

Heritage Insurance is one of the best logo examples for insurance agent companies. Theirs’ depicts a monogram of the letter H that also has an incorporated roof design, bringing us a picture of a home. This logo communicates with one glance what the company offers and may easily be retained in the audience’s mind.

9. Standard Insurance

Standard Insurance Logo Examples of Insurance Agent

More than their use of yellow which means showcases hope and a brighter tomorrow, Standard Insurance promises just that. Furthermore, their use of serif font also signals timelessness and authority — as if they’ve been in the business for quite some time.

10. NGL

NGL Logo Examples

Seemingly simple with its blue shield icon and initials, NGL was able to come up with a logo that’s easy to remember. The use of a shield icon signifies protection (aligned with what they do) and the use of letters also makes them easy to recognize and remember.

11. Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Logo

Iconic and historically engrained in our minds, the Statue of Liberty represents America and its people. With this usage, Liberty Mutual Insurance communicates how they are patriotic and would intend to help their fellow Americans have a better life.

12. Providence Mutual

Providence Insurance

With the use of navy blue and gold, these colours signal wealth and exclusivity. Providence Mutual also uses an anchor icon that is elegantly executed which also shows they are reliable during their client’s low points in life.

13. Bouvier Insurance

Bouvier Logo Examples of Insurance Agent

Communicating elegance through the use of script font in their monogram, Bouvier Insurance appeals more to the upper-class market. Furthermore, the use of gold and blue also speak too close those who live an affluent life with so much to protect.

14. North Star

North Star

With the north star having a special meaning on its own, the association of this with insurance goes well. Stars are beads of hope that shine bright even in the darkest sky — with the north star being the true guide whenever we feel lost. North Star understands that best and incorporated a star icon that seemingly shines bright.

15. FBD Insurance

FBD Insurance

The use of green goes well with wealth and also communicates growth. True with insurance, FBD Insurance also opted to have a tree with a dove which fits the narrative they want to communicate.


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