Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Private

As you might have not noticed, each time you change your profile picture (or cover photo) on Facebook, it becomes instantly public. However, there might be some instances that you might not want people to see your profile picture due to privacy reasons. So in this article, we are going to show you how to easily make your profile picture private again.

How to make your Facebook Profile picture private

Privacy is very important, that is why we need to make sure our things do not go into the wrong hands. Here are the steps on how to make your FB profile picture private:

  1. First, go to your Facebook profile.
  2. ProfileFB

  3. Next, click on your profile picture. If you are looking for an old profile picture, navigate with the arrow keys (left or right), or go directly to Photos > Profile Pictures and click on the profile picture you desire.
  4. ProfilePic

  5. Click on the Edit button on the right side.
  6. EditPicFB

  7. Click on the drop-down button that says “Public” below the date options and choose “Only Me” if you don’t want to show it to anyone, or whichever audience you choose (Friends, Close Friends, your custom groups, etc.).
  8. Click “Done Editing” once you are done.
  9. DoneEditFB

With this option, Facebook will not display your profile picture in full to those who cannot access it, but it will still appear as a small image on your profile. This is pretty much just to prevent people for commenting or sharing your profile picture.

Advantage of making your Facebook profile picture private

As we all know, privacy is a very important thing, especially in the era today where every bit of information is already on the Internet and people are subconsciously letting them out, no matter how private they are supposed to be. When you keep your Facebook profile picture private, there is a less chance that you will be harassed. Your picture will also be safe from evildoers who use random pictures of people for dating sites and pornography. Also, if you are a photographer and used one of your shots as a profile picture, keeping it private will lessen the chance of people stealing it as their own.


Hiding your full-size Facebook profile picture from the public is a good thing to keep your privacy up. Share this with your family and friends so that they will know the importance of keeping photos private.

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