Making Your Virtual Event Stand Out with Expert Audio Production Techniques

In the modern age, virtual events and hybrid virtual events are some of the most popular ways to get a message across, to keep stakeholders and members involved, to sell new products and services to remote clients, and open up conferences and other events to wider markets beyond just the people in the room. One massive part of a virtual event is ensuring that the audio production is spot on, making the event stand out to the intended audience. The best way to do this is with a specialist event company that has the experience and skills to put on an amazing virtual event that hits all the right notes.

When would you need audio visual production assistance?

There are a few reasons why you might look to outsource your audio visual production needs for an upcoming virtual or hybrid event. A high quality AV production service helps to elevate the standards at the event, assisting the speakers in delivering in a way that is clearly heard by all who need to hear it, with a fully branded experience that matches your company.

Outsourcing to an events company is the perfect solution for your virtual event if your in-house team does not have the time or resources to adequately pull off what is required on the day. It helps to deliver a broadcast level of experience to attendees, pushing the boundaries by attracting higher numbers of VIP speakers, where there are multiple sessions to consider, and where there is a need to record video and audio, include music, and visual transitions.

What is the purpose of the event?

The purpose of the event will help shape what it is you need from the audio production and the type of content that you deliver. If there are remote speakers, this will mean you need a certain type of audio production, whereas this might change if it is purely video content or music. Are you speaking to attendees physically in front of you as well as a remote audience, or is it purely a remote audience that you are speaking to? Broadcasting to a remote audience means that you need to choose a platform carefully. For business meetings, this could be a platform such as Zoom, but for larger audiences it could mean Citrix or other applications. These must be secure and simple to log in for virtual attendees.

What services does an expert audio production team deliver?

There are different services and audio visual resources that are available to you should you be looking to put together a virtual event. The following services are just some of the options open to you, depending on the type of event you are running and the audience you have to broadcast to.

Support for live events – this includes real-time support for technical items and issues that your team may encounter, alongside support for attendees logging into the virtual event. It can also include a professional events company moderator to plan sessions, liaise with speakers, and play pre-recorded audio and video where required.

Preparation and training – in the build-up to the event there is a lot of planning to take care of and training to consider. Events company specialists have the experience of delivering outstanding AV to live events. Onboarding activities such as training speakers and moderators, implementing best practice for AV, and configuring the system to stream securely to a remote audience are all included at this stage.

Need a stream? – if you are planning on streaming your event to a virtual audience then you need to think about making it available after the event for a period of time, or permanently. Recording virtual sessions with the support of an AV team helps your event to stand out in the market and makes it more accessible. It also means that your event can be used in the future for training purposes.

Produced live virtual event sessions – a fully produced virtual event covers all the bases that you need to be covered. It ensures that your event ticks every box, meets every requirement, and delivers a clarity of sound and vision that reaches the audience in the intended manner. If you require technical elements, video conferencing feeds, customer composites, remote cameras, and many other applications, your expert team can assist you.

Once you have figured out exactly what type of virtual event it is you are putting on, and what your needs are in terms of AV production, the next step is finding an event company with the experience and skills to match your ambition and specific requirements. Virtual event companies offer services that can include equipment, tools, and personnel, helping you to stand out from the crowd with outstanding audio production techniques that make for high and consistent standards of delivery to those attending your event.

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