5 Effective Management Skills & Qualities Any Manager Should Possess

Management of an organization is not an easy task. The multifaceted aspect of management can only be carried out successfully by a few people. In other words, not everyone can be company leaders or managers. So, what should be the qualities of an effective manager?


This is expected of any manager, someone who leads the organization and takes charge. That person should be proactive and not laid back. Everyone below him expects him to lead the progress of the group. A leader should initiate programs and activities not alone but with his members. Good leaders are authoritative, not autocratic.

Good Communication

Communication is vital to any organization. No matter how small or big your company is, you need to be able to communicate with your subordinates. A manager should be a good communicator, someone who knows what to tell his or her employees and how to say it. Sometimes it’s not in what you say, but it’s in how you say it. Nice managers beget nice employees. Productivity is often initiated by good communication, which builds good rapport.


If there is a person in the company that should be most motivated, it would be the manager. How can you motivate your minions if you yourself aren’t motivated? Lose your passion for work and watch your employees lose theirs. As a manager, learn to show optimism and enthusiasm at work. That’s how you throw positive energy, and positive energy in the workplace yields productivity.


At any given time, you will have to delegate tasks to your employees. Distributing tasks is a basic and vital task of any manager. Now you cannot ask someone else to do something if you don’t trust that they can carry it out. Some managers are too dubious about the capabilities of their employees that they are afraid to hand them key assignments. These people end up doing the tasks on their own, realizing how much they are exhausting themselves. This is an unhealthy professional practice.

How do you work around this problem? Your key task as a manager is to know your employees, and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Delegate tasks accordingly. For each type of task, choose the most appropriate person for the job. Now it is very important for you to train some employees for certain tasks so that you’ll have people to work on them in the future.

Keen Supervision

Good managers don’t stay in their office all day long. Do you check your employees to see if they are working at the time when they should be working? Some managers don’t, and they become surprised at their lack of work output at the end of the day. Supervision is one way to stimulate employees to work, and you don’t have to be physically around to do it.

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