How Many Facebook Groups Can I Join?

Facebook group allows users to share stories and interact with other users they have the same interest with. Members of a group can post images and videos, share stories, work on group docs,request members who are friends to join a group event and talk via chat. You can become part of any Facebook group that suits your hobbies, likes, and lifestyle. At present, you can find a variety of groups to join, such as sports, music, movies, charities, organizations and many more.

However, you can only join up to 300 groups. If you have reached the threshold, you need to abandon other groups before you can become part of a new one. Do remember that once you leave a group, it will be removed from your group list. Your name will also be deleted from group’s member list. Additionally, you no longer have the access to the group’s stories. So be sure to choose your group/s wisely!

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